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Hiring for High Emotional Intelligence: How to Use the EQ Interview Process

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies lie beneath great performance for nearly every job in today’s workforce. As a hiring manager or interviewer, determining whether or not a candidate has strong EQ skills can make the difference between a successful hire and a disaster.

In fact when technical competencies are equal, greater EQ competencies often account for job success in many different positions. Moreover, for leadership positions, EQ competencies account for a much larger portion of job success.

A study conducted by LeadershipIQ that tracked the success and failure of new hires concluded that only 11% of employees failed because they lacked the technical competence to do the job. The remaining reasons new hires failed were due to issues such as alienating co-workers, being unable to accept feedback, lack of ability to manage emotions, lack of motivation or drive and poor interpersonal skills.

Thus, EQ is a key attribute that you must determine before you make an offer.

Especially in a recession where more applicants are available, being careful in selection gives you great advantage over your competitors.

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What You Will Learn

  • A definition of emotional intelligence and why EQ is important in the hiring process
  • A step-by-step interview process for EQ hiring 
  • Specific examples of EQ interviewing in action
  • How to ask behavior-based questions that reveal EQ competencies
  • Common reflection errors 
  • Specific tips and advice for spotting an EQ fraud

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define emotional intelligence competencies
  • Apply an interview process which evaluates EQ competencies for selection purposes
  • Understand behavior-based questions that reveal EQ competencies

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About the Presenters

Adele Lynn is the founder and owner of the Adele Lynn Leadership Group, an international consulting and training firm focusing on helping leaders and organizations forge trusting relationships through improving emotional intelligence. She is the author of six books including, In Search of Honor, Lessons From Workers on How to Build Trust, The Emotional Intelligence Activity Book, The EQ Difference, and The EQ Interview. She also has developed a training and certification program titled A Different Kind of Smart—Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work™.  She is author of Mentoring: Passing on the Torch that won the 1998 Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring. Lynn lectures at universities and has been guest on radio and TVshows throughout the United States and Canada.

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