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Essential Skills for the 21st Century Workplace Keys to Succeeding in the Global Economy

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To meet the challenges of the 21st century, people need to become proficient in 21st century skills: critical thinking and problems solving, communication and collaboration.

With technology and globalization making the flatter world of outsourced or nonexistent jobs ever more obvious, serious concern has been voiced about the overall preparedness of the generation that is entering our workforce in record numbers.

This Webcast explores a major initiative that is underway driven by both the corporate and academic sectors to reframe the education landscape with a new set of skills that are essential to compete in today’s world.

What You Will Learn

In this enlightening session, you’ll learn about the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and understand its pivotal role as the catalyst to position these essential skills at the center of U.S. K-12 education by building collaborative partnerships between education, business, community, and government leaders. This includes:
  •  Learning and innovation skills
  •  Information, media, and technology skills
  •  Life and career 

We’ll tie the above to business and touch upon a national study done by SHRM titled “Are they ready to Work” in which hundreds of HR managers were surveyed about what business is looking for in today’s employees and what the glaring deficiencies are. 

Finally, we’ll pay particular attention to the core of the 21st century skills— Critical Thinking— which, for mastery of the 21st century skill set, is the best place to start.

While attending the Webcast is FREE, reservations are required. Register online or call 1-877-566-9441.

About the Presenters

Ken Kay is CEO and cofounder of the e-Luminate Group and president of the Partnership for the 21st Century. The mission of the Partnership is to work with schools and the private sector to help define the skills and knowledge as well as how to integrate them into the curriculum.

Ed Reilly is president and CEO of American Management Association, a leading global not-for-profit, membership-based management development, research and publishing organization. Reilly previously served as president and chief executive officer of Big Flower Holdings, Inc. Prior to that, he spent over 25 years in a variety of senior executive positions with the broadcast and book publishing groups of The McGraw-Hill Companies. In addition he is the editor of AMA Business Boot Camp: Management and Leadership Fundamentals That Will See You Successfully Through Your Career

Charles B. Kreitzberg, Ph.D. is the CEO and founder of Cognetics, a leading firm working in the human aspects of computer technology. His specialty is helping organizations get the most value from their technology investments through user-centered design and organizational effectiveness. Through LUCID (Logical User-Centered Interaction Design), which he developed, Kreitzberg offers a clear, repeatable path to customer satisfaction. He is the founding editor of User Experience magazine, author of numerous articles and several books, a leader in professional associations, and a pioneer in the creation of the Internet.

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