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Strategic Alliance Management Seminars

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The rules for delivering products and services in the 21st century—and for growing your business—have changed, especially in today’s erratic economy. Strategic alliances and partnerships are recognized as the smart tactics for success.

A strategic alliance happens when two or more organizations join forces to meet a critical business need while remaining independent. In the past, large organizations grew by swallowing smaller companies whole. Now growth—for both large and small companies—happens through strategic alliances.

With markets fluctuating rapidly, strategic alliances and alliance management have never been more important for business success. From a tactical perspective, they can unlock a whole range of options for expanding a company’s reach and improving efficiency. Unfortunately, too many partnerships don’t achieve their full potential because the organizations involved lack the knowledge and skills required for success.

Don’t let this happen to your organization! AMA has introduced a portfolio of alliance management seminars designed specifically for organizations that have already forged strategic alliances and partnerships…or are planning to do so. AMA has the expert knowledge you need to make every alliance a winner.

Strategic Alliance Management
Essentials of Alliances and Joint Ventures for Business Professionals Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
If your organization has forged strategic alliances—or is planning to—you can’t afford to miss this information-packed session.