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Overall rating

Jason C.

Overall rating

Jose P.

Overall rating

Frank W.

The class had the perfect amount of lecture to lab time. It didn't feel rushed, or overwhelming. The information was very useful, and I was able to start implementing right away when I went back to work. There are some features that didn't seem to work in the lab, but overall, everything worked. I took the Sharepoint Institute test the day of the last class, and scored a 86%. One section wasn't covered, but was in the manual/lab book.

Overall rating

Jennifer W.

The instructor and content were great, but this was NOT SharePoint for Project Management. This was SharePoint for beginners, or basically people who have no idea how to use SharePoint. This is the class I wish I took when I first started using SharePoint, but this will teach you nothing on how to handle a project. I was disappointed because we barely even touched on the actual maintenance of a project from start to finish. There was also hardly any time for hands-on labs to test out what we learned. Not what I expected at all.

Overall rating

Robert C.


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