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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall rating

Dale H.

There was a lot of information to go over in a short time and the instructor did an excellent job breaking up the information into chucks the class could absorb. He make the class fun and engaging and he took the time to help us prep for the exam. I took away a solid understanding of the ITIL Foundation.

Overall rating

Sam M.

The instructor presented the material with enough 'real world" to make it both informative and entertaining. My recommendation for anyone looking to get certified in ITIL Foundation would be to look for a class taught by Jim Wright.

Overall rating

Derrick D.

This was by far the most useful and relevant course I've taken since college. JA Micah was a fascinating instructor. She kept things interesting with lots of real world examples and analogies. She wouldn't move on to the next topic until she was sure everyone understood the concepts.

Overall rating

Joseph W.

Overall rating

Tim T.

Overall rating

Alejandro P.

The class was good and clearly explained the professor explain every process and doubt clearly and simple.

Overall rating

Joshua M.

The instructor was knowledgable and the content was great. The instructor took time on breaks to discuss topics of specific concern for the students.

Overall rating

Todd Y.

The AMA sells this as an ITIL class while Global Knowledge who conducted the training sells it as a test prep class which is not what I expected or wanted. We went over no best practices, implementation, etc. it was simply how to pass the test.

Overall rating

Gopal A.

Buzz was great all three days with provding practical examples related to the content. Enjoyed the class and will him to anyone interested in ITIL.

Overall rating

Jason B.

Class was really good! For the amount of information that was crammed into 3 days, the instructor we had really made sure we had a grasp on all of the concepts.
Would recommend recommend to anyone.

Overall rating

Helen A.

Pretty good one, a lot of material ... the insturctor was very good.
Taking into consideration the amount of the material to be covered I would suggest to have it more structred.

Overall rating

Michael P.

The instructor was well experienced in the delivery of the course. He made it very interactive and enjoyable.

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