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Suzanne Bates on the Science of Executive Presence

The data behind the advice.

Date: September 9, 2016

By: Suzanne Bates

Podcast #: 16-22

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Suzanne Bates, author of All the Leader You Can Be, is here to give us a definition of "executive presence." It's something we all want but it's hard to quantify. Suzanne is here with data to back up just what we should be working on to be the best leader we can be.

About the Author(s)

Suzanne Bates  is CEO of Bates Communication, Inc., a high-profile speaker, and former award-winning television news anchor. She is the author of Speak Like a CEO, which has been published in five languages and is in its 11th printing, as well as Motivate Like a CEO, Discover Your CEO Brand and her latest, All the Leader You Can Be. For more information visit www.bates-communications.com.


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