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Lynda McDermott on Leading World Class Teams

How do team leaders break through various barriers (i.e., different cultures, companies, countries) among their team members?

Date: September 21, 2007

Podcast #: 07-23

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In her book World Class Teams, Lynda McDermott provides a hands-on guide on how to develop, launch, lead, and evaluate world class teams. With her coauthors William Waite and Nolan Brawley, McDermott draws heavily from their experience with such international firms as Pfizer, Colgate, AT&T, and Motorola to give managers, executive training organizations, team leaders, and HR and OD specialists. She is president and CEO of EquiPro International. McDermott is an American Society of Training and Development award winner for her work in the creation and management of cross-functional global teams.

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