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Carmine Gallo on Storytelling

Connecting with people through stories.

Date: August 5, 2016

By: Carmine Gallo

Podcast #: 16-17

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At Cisco employees aren't promoted above a certain level unless they've shown, with quantifiable data, that they're able to connect with their customers. Not every company is this extreme but being able to connect with coworkers, vendors, and customers is crucial to success at work. Carmine Gallo is here to talk about his new book and how being able to tell a great and compelling story is a key skill in today's workplace.

About the Author(s)

Carmine Gallo Best-selling author, Carmine Gallo is also a former reporter and anchor for CNN and CBS. He has sat down with many of the most dynamic and respected business leaders of our time. In these interviews, Carmine gained insight into what makes a great leader. He formed Gallo Communications with the mission of helping business leaders discover and apply the untapped power of effective communications. Communications is a multi-faceted art form. From internal relationships to press conferences, from rallying investors to counseling employees, from inspiring greatness to managing crisis, managers need to educate, motivate and persuade.


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