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Clayton Christensen on Disruptive Innovation

How disruptive innovation can help your company.

Date: December 14, 2012

Podcast #: 12-25

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While most companies focus on Sustaining Innovation (making existing products better), really successful companies branch into Disruptive Innovation and create new products or make existing products available to those who don't have access to them. It seems like a win-win situation since the only competition to disruptive innovation is nonconsumption; when the product is something like green energy provided to developing nations, this is unquestionably a good thing for the consumer and for the provider. However, as our guest Clayton Christensen warns, these innovations take years to germinate. Businesses who wait until they are in the red to start thinking about Disruptive Innovation are already too late. No matter how your company is faring, it's never too soon to think about your disruptive innovation.

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