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Ric Merrifield on Rethinking Cost Cutting and Boosting Innovation

A Microsoft strategist exposes what does and doesn't need attention in your organization.

Date: July 31, 2009

Podcast #: 09-31



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It’s the trap that ensnares virtually every business. We focus on process: “how” we’re doing the job. And we forget about the bigger issue: “what” we’re doing and “why” we’re doing it. That’s why we’re leaving so much value on the table.

In Rethink, business architect Ric Merrifield exposes this problem with vivid examples and introduces breakthrough techniques for overcoming it. Merrifield presents case studies ranging from ING DIRECT to Amazon.com to Procter & Gamble. These diverse companies have learned how to cut costs, strengthen innovation, and profit from change all at the same time.


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