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e-learning that goes beyond your expectations

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need more skills than ever before to perform your job well. While seminars that involve interacting with others are the ideal way for adults to learn, we recognize that sometimes you can’t spare the time to participate in live training during working hours. That’s why we are offering exceptional e-learning solutions for employees who need other options.

Through AMA OnDemand, powered by CrossKnowledge, we bring you the ultimate in flexibility-training when and where you want it—right from your desktop—in your office, your home, any time that’s convenient for you.

Introducing 24 new courses

AMA is launching this new format, powered by CrossKnowledge, with the following top-quality
certificate courses:

  • Building Finance Into Your Management Practices
    Do you “get” economic and financial performance? Are you familiar with the language of finance? Aware of the financial consequences of your decisions?
  • Boosting Performance by Improving the Way You Organize Yourself
    Unsure how to prioritize tasks? Facing information overload? Unclear if you can meet deadlines?
  • Carrying Out Effective Face-to-Face Meetings with Staff
    Can you conduct difficult meetings effectively? Individualize your management style? Balance listening and openness with determination to move forward?
  • Coping with Stress at Work
    Are you feeling overwhelmed? Unsure of the exact source of your stress? Wish you could reduce your stress level but don’t know how?
  • Dealing with Conflict in Your Team
    Unsure how to face up to conflicts? Do you minimize or overlook charged situations? Or try to sweep them under the rug?
  • Delegating and Empowering
    Can you delegate effectively to optimize your time? Involve and motivate employees while developing their skills? Rely on your employees while increasing their self-sufficiency?
  • Developing Team Creativity and Initiative
    Looking for an approach to managing ideas? Unsure how to free up your team’s potential? Want to tap into this source of talent?
  • Developing Your Interpersonal and Cooperation Skills
    Working in an atmosphere of misinterpretations and resentments? Are some people afraid to say what they think? Do others appear insensitive?
  • Developing Your Negotiating Skills
    Can you negotiate for additional resources with your manager? Iron out quality standards with a supplier? Satisfy a customer?
  • Developing Your Public Speaking Skills
    Do you avoid making presentations? Afraid you will embarrass yourself? Think speaking in front of others is a talent you are missing?
  • Establishing Positive Relationships and Ending Conflict
    Are you involved in daily conflicts with co-workers? Is your work environment becoming increasingly unpleasant? Is this impacting your performance?
  • Improving Your Assertiveness and Leadership Skills
    Can you create a climate of trust and cooperation? Confidently motivate others? Resolve difficult situations effectively?
  • Increasing Your Self-Confidence
    Can you assertively express your point-of-view? Get what you want without being aggressive? Say “No” in a way others can hear?
  • Leading Your Team to Success
    Is your team off track? Unfocused or heading in multiple directions? Not delivering results?
  • Managing in a Non-Hierarchical Situation
    Are you required to lead diverse teams? Unsure how to foster cooperation? Having difficulty bringing in projects on time and within budget?
  • Managing Your Costs and Budget More Effectively
    Do you know the costs associated with every area you oversee? Do you fully understand the financial impact of your decisions? Are you familiar with the ins and outs of forecasting and budgeting?
  • Marketing for Non-Marketers
    Do you understand marketing basics? The role of consumer behavior? How marketing strategy is developed and implemented?
  • Mastering the Fundamentals of Day-to-Day Management
    Do you know how to delegate effectively? Can you adjust your management style to different personalities and get the best results from everyone on your team?
  • Organizing Your Time and Priorities
    Are you barely muddling through to meet deadlines or missing them altogether? Overwhelmed by “information overload”? Unsure what to tackle first?
  • Selling Ideas
    When trying to get buy-in, do you know how to ask the right questions? Argue your case effectively? Understand what motivates others to fall in line?
  • Successful Selling
    Are your sales in a slump? Closing techniques not working? Need to re-energize?
  • The Keys to Successful Project Management
    Do you have the skills to access organizational resources? Work efficiently? Manage people across the organization?
  • Using Emotional Potential Effectively
    Are you mystified by your emotions? Unclear why you behave the way you do? Wondering how others control their emotions?
  • Working Across Cultures
    Thrown by cultural differences? Unsure how to bridge the cultural divide? Having difficulty communicating in a global environment, especially at a distance?

AMA’s OnDemand courses take distance learning to a whole new level

  • First-rate content
  • Skill development that is second to none
  • Highly-respected faculty
  • Innovative use of technology
  • Self-paced flexibility and 24/7 convenience
  • Personalized feedback and support from a professional coach
  • Professional recognition–an AMA Certificate of Completion

This is not your average self-paced learning experience. It’s top shelf, engaging content with access to a dedicated professional coach who can regularly let you know how you’re doing and assist you in nailing down new capabilities.

These new distance-learning courses feature some of the most sought-after content available worldwide and an exclusive learning system that utilizes new technology. This guarantees a unique experience for the trainee and real ROI for your organization.

Each course involves approximately 20 hours of study to be completed within 12 weeks.
Upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate.

Delivered by CrossKnowledge

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