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Want to Win in Business? Focus on the Play (Not the Victory)

It seems counterintuitive that you could actually win more (in sports, life, or business) by shifting focus away from the victory. But Coach Bill Walsh (named the second greatest coach in NFL history by ESPN) did just that. Walsh focused on training his team to play with precision and celebrated every well-executed play, whether or not that play resulted in a score or a win. Likewise in business, the more we focus on the “plays,” the more successful we are as individuals and as leaders.

About the Author(s)

Jason Forrest is a sales trainer, management coach, and member of the National Speakers Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group and Entrepreneur’s Organization. He is also an award-winning author of six books, including Leadership Sales Coaching. One of Training magazine's Top Young Trainers of 2012, Jason is an expert at creating high-performance sales cultures through complete training programs. He incorporates experiential learning to increase sales, implement cultural accountability, and transform companies into sales organizations. He’s won Stevie Awards for Sales Training Leader (2013) and for Sales Coaching Training Program of the Year (2014).