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Tattoo You: What Marketers Can Learn from “Tattoo Brands”

Brand loyalty is a beautiful thing, but what would possess a consumer to etch a brand’s logo permanently into his skin? Harley-Davidson, Playboy, Nike, Apple, and other brands reap the benefits of widespread “tattoo” appeal. What can your brand learn from these super brand-loving customers? Plenty.

About the Author(s)

BJ Bueno is founder of the Cult Branding Company, a consumer research firm that helps businesses use psychological research to identify the patterns their best customers share and to predict consumer behavior. He is the author of Cult Branding Workbook (2008), coauthor of The Power of Cult Branding (2002), and Why We Talk: The Truth Behind Word-of-Mouth (2007). For more information, visit: www.cultbranding.com

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