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How to Turn Your Company into an Innovation Machine

In too many companies, people stop sharing new ideas or volunteering for risky projects because the punishment for failure is greater than the reward for success. Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity and Kayak.com, offers four tips to ensure your organization’s culture allows innovation to flourish.


About the Author(s)

Terry Jones founded Travelocity.com in 1996 and led the company as president and CEO until May 2002. He is managing principal of On, Inc., a consultancy he cofounded to help companies in their transition to the digital economy. He serves as chairman of the board at Kayak.com, which he also helped found. He is the author of ON Innovation: Turning ON Innovation in Your Culture, Teams and Organization (www.tbjones.com/terrys-book), a light-hearted but practical guide for fostering and innovation.