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Finding a New Way to Meet: 10 Pitfalls of Pitiful Meetings

If “meeting” has become a four-letter word in your organization, it’s time for a meetings overhaul.  Kimberly Douglas, author of The Firefly Effect, outlines the 10 biggest meeting pitfalls and provides sure-fire strategies to bring your meetings back to life.

About the Author(s)

Kimberly Douglas Kimberly Douglas, SPHR, is president of FireFly Facilitation, Inc., a firm specializing in the design and facilitation of high-impact initiatives, including leadership team effectiveness and strategic planning.  She is the author of The Firefly Effect: Build Teams That Capture Creativity and Catapult Results (Wiley, 2009). Douglas was the 2003 president of SHRM-Atlanta and was recently named to the SHRM National Task Force for Performance Standards Development.  For more information, visit www.FireFlyFacilitation.com