The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change

What to ask and when — to reach the outcome you seek

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In this practical, interactive and engaging webinar briefing, you will discover:
  • How questions really work, and how they can work for you
  • Tips for selecting the most effective line of questioning by knowing: 
    • What you’re after; what outcome you want
    • What and when to ask
    • What to listen for, and how to follow up with another question
  • How to ask diagnostic questions to discover "the why" when something's not right
  • Ways to use strategic questions to consider long-range opportunities, threats, risks and potential
  • How creativity questions help with blue sky, brainstorming sessions that invite aiming high and thinking big
  • What you ask and how you follow-up is driven to a large extent by careful, deliberate, intense and active listening

You are what you ask.

Your questions are much more than random expressions of curiosity; they are cornerstones of information, discovery, connection and empowerment.

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