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Talent Management Assessment System (TMAS)

Enterprise-wide talent management solutions for measurable results

Imagine if you could increase productivity, reduce turnover, and develop leadership bench strength while creating the basis for effective, useful and reliable succession planning? You can with AMA’s Talent Management Assessment System (TMAS)—a talent and leadership development solution with proven results.

AMA has partnered with the HR Chally organization to develop a talent management assessment tool. HR Chally is a global leader in assessments for selecting and developing talent. AMA brings over 85 years of experience in professional development and management education. This new assessment tool will guide organizations in identifying employee potential and determining the most effective development solutions to ensure employees reach their potential. This tool helps you develop the right talent, for the right job and maximizes your investment in training.

Our unique technology
It all starts with Chally's 30-year-old database of more than 300,000 sales, management and specialist positions, over half of whose performance has been tracked. With over 300 criteria-based validity studies, we can help you increase productivity and profits dramatically.

Our Unique Technology Delivers Results

Reduce undesirable turnover

  • Increase talent retention due to improved job fit—especially for high potentials
  • Avoid costly “bad hires” with predictive skills validated for selection

Accurately select, retain and develop talent globally

  • EEOC-compliant selection system built on more than 30 years of scientific guarantees more qualified candidates
  • For selection, a legally defensible recommendation for hire
  • Exceptional accuracy in identifying and developing talent for future opportunities
  • State-of-the-art IT platform integrates with your existing systems
  • Ability to process a large volume of assessments
  • Online assessments available in multiple languages

Increase employee productivity

  • Predictive and valid employee assessment leads to better job fit and improved productivity
  • Successfully deploy and develop talent using our assessment data
  • Results are valid across the employee’s life cycle; no retesting is necessary

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