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Strategic Planning Solutions

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Strategic Planning Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Develop the best strategic planning process to support your company’s goals.

AMA’s Course on Mergers and Acquisitions Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
You’ll cover all the crucial elements that can make or break a merger or acquisition…“preview” the types of problems you’re likely to encounter…and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in mergers and acquisitions.

Best Practices for the Multi-Project Manager Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Put the best concepts, tools and techniques available for multi-project management to work for you and your organization!

Facilitating an Effective Strategic Planning Process Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Efficiently prepare and run strategic planning sessions that produce real results.

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Improve your knowledge of strategic planning to understand what senior management is thinking and why—and increase your value to your organization!

Strategic Agility and Resilience: Embracing Change to Drive Growth Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Are your people ready to respond to complex and unpredictable business changes?

Strategic Thinking Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Develop a strategic mindset to increase the success of your strategic plans.

Strategy Execution: Getting It Done Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Get the skills and knowledge to accomplish what so many others don’t—the successful implementation of strategic goals.

Web Events

2020 Vision: What Leaders Need to Know to Navigate the Next Few Years and Beyond -- On-Demand Webcasts
Understanding the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

Achieving Project Success Through Business Analysis -- On-Demand Webcasts
Why Business Analysis Is the Cornerstone of Successful Projects

Age Curve: Examining the Changing Demographic Landscape -- On-Demand Webcasts
Demographic Changes That Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Discover How to Spot Winning Acquisition Targets! -- On-Demand Webcasts
If you’re asking "How can we generate growth?" then this exciting, free Webcast is the most productive and eye-opening Web event you’ll attend this year!

Get in the Game: Using Business Simulations to Drive Excellence -- On-Demand Webcasts
Why Does Training Fail and What Can You Do About It?

How to Make the Internal Business Case for Green Initiatives -- On-Demand Webcasts
Tips for getting buy-in from top management

Integrating Sustainability into Strategy, Design and Practice -- On-Demand Webcasts
Achieving Sustained Organization Effectiveness

The New American Workplace: Changes, Choices and Consequences -- On-Demand Webcasts
The U.S. government’s Work in America report received national acclaim and front-page coverage in media across the United States when it was published 30 years ago.


Adam Werbach on the Strategic Advantage of Sustainability

Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel and the Increasing Rate of Change New
"What's your five year plan?" It's a classic interview question that just isn't relevant anymore, now that the market landscape can be radically different within months, never mind years.

Carol Sanford on the Responsible Business
Carol Sanford talks to us about sustainability and planning for the future effectively.

Christopher Frank and Paul Magnone on Overcoming Information Overload
Asking the right questions to make the right decisions

Cindy Rabe on the Challenge to Innovate
In her book The Innovation Killer: How What We Know Limits What We Can Imagine and What Smart Companies Are Doing About It (AMACOM), Cindy Rabe talks about how to defeat the kind of thinking that can overcome teams and kill true innovation. Cindy...

Cris Conde on Taking Steps to Prosper Through the Downturn
Chris Conde talks about how he prepared his company, Sunguard, for the recession.

Dan Ariely on Understanding the Logic Behind Illogical Decisions
Irrational behavior is a part of human nature, but as MIT professor Dan Ariely has discovered in 20 years of researching behavioral economics, people tend to behave irrationally in a predictable fashion. Drawing on psychology and economics, behavioral...

Dan Hendrix on Leveraging the Benefits of Sustainability
Eliminating a Negative Environmental Footprint

Diane Mulcahy on the Gig Economy
In today's economy the best way to stay relevant is to diversify your skills and take on small, one-time jobs.

Emily Bennington on the Myth of Having It All
Emily Bennington talks about how it's possible to have it all as long as you tailor that dream to your own specific goals.

Erich Joachimsthaler on Opportunities Hidden in Plain Sight
In his book Hidden in Plain Sight, Erich Joachimsthaler explains how you can spot opportunities that too often are overlooked. The book introduces the demand-first innovation and growth (DIG) model that shows how to become an unbiased observer of...

Howard Behar on the Secret of Starbucks’ Success
After a working life spent building Starbucks from a chain of 28 stores to an international coffee business through positions such as executive vice president of sales, founding president of Starbucks International and president of Starbucks North...

Howard Yu on Leaping Across Knowledge Disciplines New

Jack Miller on How to Recession-Proof Your Business
Jack Miller is a prominent Chicago area entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and former President/CEO of Quill Corporation, which became the nation’s largest independent direct marketer of office products, employ

Jack Stahl on Frameworks for Successful Leadership
Jack Stahl became a top executive of two world-famous corporations - Cola Cola and Revlon - before the age of 50. In his book Lessons on Leadership, Stahl offers the down to earth approach to business leadership that fueled his meteoric rise through...

James Morgan on Strategic Execution and Process
Defining, articulating, and focusing on initiatives for success

Jim Champy on How to Outsmart Your Competition
Jim Champy inspired legions of business leaders with his bestseller Reengineering the Corporation. In his new book Outsmart!, Champy describes nine companies that have achieved breakthrough growth by consistently outsmarting the competition. Champy...

Joan Knutson on Linking Strategy, Execution and Project Management
Joan Knutson is founder and manager of Project Mentors, a successful multimillion dollar project management training and consulting firm. Joan is the author of Project Management: How to Plan and Manage Successful Project (AMACOM), Succeeding in...

John C. Maxwell on the Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Dr. John C. Maxwell is the founder of Maximum Impact, an Atlanta-based organization with a mission to develop leaders of excellence and integrity. Dr. Maxwell is author of more than 30 books with more than 7 million copies sold, including Failing...

John Kotter on Using Urgency to Your Advantage
Most organizational change initiatives fail spectacularly (at worst) or deliver lukewarm results (at best). In his international bestseller Leading Change, John Kotter revealed why change is so hard, and provided an actionable, eight-step process for...

John Mariotti on Conquering the Complexity Crisis
In the quest to grow their business in flat or declining markets, many companies have created dozens of new products and services to increase their customer, vendor, and marketplace relationships. But even as top-line revenues go up, this rising tide...

Keith McFarland on What Makes a Breakthrough Company
The vast majority of small businesses stay small - and not by choice. Only the most savvy and persistent "a tiny one tenth of one percent" break through to annual sales above $250 million. In The Breakthrough Company, Keith McFarland pinpoints how...

Ken Gronbach on the Nuances of Generational Marketing
Ken Gronbach is a nationally recognized consultant and researcher on Demography and Generational Marketing. His new book "Common Census: The Counterintuitive Guide to Intergenerational Marketing" is about the radical changes affecting U.S. business...

Marilyn Carlson Nelson on How We Lead Matters
As a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother, Marilyn has always put people first. This multi-faceted woman also happens to be one of the most successful CEOs in the world. In this conversation, she shares her thoughts on the role of women in...

Nancy Tennant Snyder on Unleashing Innovation at Whirlpool
Nancy TennantSnyder's new book Unleashing Innovation tells the inside story of one of the most successful innovation turnarounds in American history. Co-written with Deborah L. Duarte, Snyder reveals how Whirlpool undertook one of the largest change...

Paul Carroll on Learning from the Worst Business Failures
The current conventional wisdom in the business world holds that execution is the key to a successful business strategy. Many experts have gone so far as to say that execution is more important than strategy. But, according to Paul Carroll, the...

Peter Senge on the Necessary Revolution in Business
Imagine a world in which the excess energy from one business would be used to power another. A world in which environmentally sound products and processes would be more cost-effective than wasteful ones. A world in which corporations forming...

Quint Studer on Getting Results That Last
Quint Studer has built a thriving career on helping healthcare companies achieve maximum effectiveness and consistent bottom-line results. Now, in Results That Last, he brings his ideas to the rest of the business world. Studer teaches leaders in...

Rafiq Dossani on India’s Rise to the Top of Global Business
Rafiq Dossani discusses India's growing role in the global economy in his new book India Arriving (AMACOM Books). India has the world's fourth largest economy, the largest youth population, and the current ranking of the second-most-preferred...

Rajeev Pehsawaria on the Three Pillars of Sustainable Success
Aligning the brains, bones, and nerves of your organization

Ram Charan on The Attacker's Advantage New
"If you don't do, somebody else will." There is no company that is too big to fail.

Richard Thaler on the "Architecture of Choice"
Our errors are what make us human, but until now, they have been largely ignored by those around us, whether they make a complex public policy or sell us a plain old bottle of wine. In a new book, Nudge, Economist Richard Thaler and legal scholar Cass...

Robbie Vorhaus on Making Changes to Be More Efficient
Robbie Vorhaus talks to us about how making even a tiny change in a routine can change a career for the better.

Robert Bloom on Finding Your Company’s Inside Advantage
Every enterprise has at least one strategic asset-one existing strength-that can form the foundation for future growth. Finding this hidden potential and becoming well known for it will grow the business. Robert H. Bloom calls this the Inside...

Robert Lopes on Growing a Business in the Right Direction
The first 12 months of a CEO's tenure provides insights into the effectiveness of his or her leadership style, his or her priorities, and "most important" his or her fit in the organization. In January 2006, Robert Lopes joined Veritude, a division of...

Rob-Jan de Jong on Looking Ahead New
Developing a vision for an organization is with no doubt a difficult task.

Rodd Wagner on defeating workplace disengagement
Rodd Wagner is the co-author of 12: The Elements of Great Managing, the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 runaway bestseller First, Break All the Rules. Grounded in Gallup's 10 million employee and manager interviews spanning 114 countries, 12 follows...

Ron Hira on the Inside Story of Outsourcing America
One of the hottest, most controversial topics in the news is the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries. Outsourced jobs are extending well beyond the manufacturing sector to include white-collar professionals, particularly in information...

Scott Singer on Hitting the Curve Ball
How to deal with the hits and the misses when life throws us a curve ball.

Stephen Wunker on Capturing New Markets

Tim Sanders on How to Save the World From Your Office
Every one of us, regardless of title or position, can inspire our companies to change the way they do business, helping them to become a positive force for enriching people, communities, and the environment. When this happens, not only do we help save...

Articles & White Papers

“JIAO PENGYOU”—A Guide for Successful Business Relationships in China
Here are some guidelines to help you do business in China

10 Bad Reasons to Avoid Risk
If a leader totally avoids risk, he or she may be missing out on a world of opportunities.

A Fresh Take on Complexity Costs
Six principles that enable companies to simplify operations and thereby cut costs.

A New Customer Metric to Blow the Whistle on Bad Profits
Here's a simple technique that you can use to evaluate your customers' experience with your organization. Better yet it will help you identify what you can do to improve each customer's relationship with your company....

Aligning Projects with Strategy
Projects must align with company objectives to ensure success. Here are some tips on strategic planning so you know the company is on the right track.

An Antidote for Complexity
Complexity is the bane of every business, says author John L. Mariotti. Here are six tips for getting rid of the things that are making your business overly complex....

Are You a Fixer or a Grower?
When it comes to business growth, bigger is not always better. Sometimes it is best for an organization to grow smarter instead of fatter. Robert M. Tomasko, author of the book Bigger Isn't Always Better suggests two points of view. The Fixers...

Arrows in the Decision-Making Quiver
What's the best way to make a decision? Should you use your power of intuition, as Malcolm Gladwell advocates in his best-seller Blink? Or should you rely on careful reasoning and painstaking evidence, as Stanford professors Jeffrey Pfeffer and...

Assembling Your A-Team
Learn how to use a team in successful acquisitions.

Beyond Bad Apples: The Dynamic of Ethical Erosion
If an organization is to be ethical, it isn't enough to weed out the "bad apples." Even well-meaning executives and managers may engage in serious unethical acts. Ethical erosion can go unnoticed in a busy workday. Fortunately, there are four steps...

Beyond Resolutions-Six Strategies for Success in 2006
Stop making empty New Year's resolutions and start meeting your goals, with these strategies from motivational speaker/consultant Leslie Groene....

Building a Better Business Through Ruthless Focus - Members Only
Successful businesses keep the focus on strategy, people, and culture.

Building an "Immigration-Friendly" Company
Companies are no longer just employers when it comes to their relationship with personnel working abroad and immigrant employees. They are also interpreters, ambassadors and family counselor. As the global competition for workers heats up and quality...

Business Execution
2007 saw its share of winners and losers. Business execution expert Rick Lepsinger, president of OnPoint Consulting, analyzes what went wrong and what went right with these organizations and the lessons that can be learned from their experience....

Business Strategy Barriers
"Getting" business strategy is the indisputable starting point for any meaningful contribution to strategic processes, but for a number of reasons, pinning down business strategies may be no easy matter. If you've ever had difficulty in identifying...

Business Succession Agreements: Plan Ahead for the Unexpected
Learn about buy-sell agreements in all scenarios.

Can Strategic Benchmarking Turn America’s Economy Around?
Although the U.S. consistently ranks in the top 10 most competitive economies in the world, it recently fell from first to sixth place in little more than two years. Gregory H. Watson believes that an approach that combines strategic benchmarking...

Change Will Not Wait for You to Change
Time to spur yourself toward change.

Choosing the Right Growth Strategy
OK, it's been decided that growth-whether in terms of revenue, profit, number of employees or customers, market share or number of locations-is essential to your company's future. Before management makes the leap, there are many questions that must...

Chuck Knight on the Secrets of Emerson's Success
Emerson is one of the few firms that can point to over four decades of increased earnings. How does Emerson do it? Charles F. Knight, the organization's CEO for 27 of its 43 consecutive years of increased profits, attributes it to Emerson's long-term...

Cisco’s Perspective on Strategic Alliances
Partnering, collaboration, strategic alliance-call it whatever you want, but the practice of companies working jointly to create new products and services is one of the most compelling trends in business today. Perhaps no company employs collaboration...

Corporate Threat Intelligence 101 - Members Only
The benefits of an effective corporate threat intelligence program.

Corporate Values 2002 Survey
Has corporate America acquired a "bottom-line" management style with a "win at all costs" mentality? Or is there room in the corner office for a little integrity? This survey shows that many organizations are making a commitment to a set of core ...

Crafting a Bold and Compelling Future
Learn how to build your strategic plan by crafting a clear vision statement

Creating a "Getting it Done" Culture - Members Only
Chances are, your organization has a lofty, inspirational mission statement. But how many of those lofty goals will actually see the light of day? A new book offers guidelines for closing the often wide gap between strategy and execution....

Crisis Management & Sceurity Issues
Fewer U.S. companies have crisis management plans in place today than in 2003, an AMA survey shows. In light of the third anniversary of the September 11 attacks, AMA surveyed its members and customers to determine if companies are prepared today to...

Crisis Management and Security Issues 2002 Survey
Business crises come in many forms and can occur any time without notice. So, whether it is an accident, a scandal, an act of nature or a malicious act, organizations recognize that they need to be prepared. Or do they? AMA surveyed 428 Executive...

Crisis Management and Security Issues 2003 Survey
More U.S. companies have crisis management plans in place today than they did in 2002, an American Management Association survey shows. In light of the second anniversary of the September 11 attacks, AMA surveyed its members and customers to determine...

Crisis Management and Security Issues 2004 Survey
Fewer U.S. companies have crisis management plans in place today than in 2003, an AMA survey shows. In light of the third anniversary of the September 11 attacks, AMA surveyed its members and customers to determine if companies are prepared today to...

Cultivating Effective Corporate Cultures - Members Only
What factors influence corporate culture? And how can businesses develop the kind of culture that fosters productivity and profitability? AMA commissioned a study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity to find out....

Cultivating Effective Corporate Cultures
Many executives are increasingly aware that their corporate cultures affect not only their employees' attitudes and values but also the bottom line. As a result, they have become more interested in finding ways to mold their corporate cultures to...

Cutting Health-Care Expenses, Incentivizing Employees
Bobby Hotaling tells how his company helped a client save on health care costs.

Determine Your Key Result Areas
Identify your key result areas.

Do as I Say Not as I Do: An Ode to Strategy Execution Failure
The gap between the importance of strategy execution and the ability of organizations to actually execute their strategy has continued to widen.

Do the Right Thing, Even When It Hurts
A leader must be able to decide when to abandon a strategy and when to stay the course.

Do the Right Thing—While You Still Have a Choice - Members Only
CVS Caremark voluntarily removed cigarettes from its stores, even though it may bring a decline in revenue. Should other companies follow suit?

Doing Business Abroad: The "Must Haves" of Your Corporate Compliance Program
Learn how to do business abroad by compliance with the rules of overseas business.

Don't Be Like Brett Favre - Members Only
Unlike star quarterback Brett Favre, savvy leaders know when it's time to bow out gracefully.

Drucker’s Five Questions
Drucker recommended all executives raise these five questions prior to strategic planning.

Economic Conditions 2002 Survey
AMA conducted an online survey of its Executive Members in January and February 2002 to obtain a quick snapshot of how executives were feeling about the state of their organizations and the economy.

Economic Conditions 2003 Survey
American business people are more pessimistic about the U.S. economy than they were one year ago and are anticipating job eliminations, hiring freezes and cutbacks. And more than 60% believe that the conflict in Iraq will have at least a moderate...

Engaging the System for More Effective Strategic Planning
Learn how to install a more effective strategic planning process.

Evolve Your Management Strategy to Win Online

Executing Corporate Strategy: A Global Study
It’s impossible to objectively rate the strength of an organization's strategy.

Executing Strategy: Achieving Results
Here are five bridges to close strategy execution gaps.

Facing Down the Dragon: How American Firms Can Successfully Compete with Chinese Competition
Think your company can't compete with the Chinese? There is some good news. For starters, the Chinese operate under four disadvantages: longer shipping time, higher freight costs, less flexibility and a limited capacity to customize products and...

Few Companies Integrate Management Succession with Strategy
AMA study shows how a succession planning policy fueled a company's business strategy.

Fighting Poverty through Profits-An Interview with C.K. Prahalad
Acclaimed author C.K. Prahalad has devised a brilliant plan for helping the world's five billion poor people: transform them into consumers. His mission is to prove that it's possible to build a profitable win-win relationship between big business...

Finding Your Competitive Advantage
Quick, name your company's competitive advantage. If you don't know it, you're not alone. Many companies can't identify it, even though it's the reason they're in business. Here are four questions you need to ask yourself to start putting your...

Five Key Steps for Managing Business Growth in a Volatile Environment
If your business is in a volatile environment, finding sustained growth can be tough. David Haviland offers tips on managing business growth in volatility.

Five Strategies to Align Leadership Development Efforts to Business Strategy
Here are five guidelines to tie leadership development to strategic planning.

Five Ways to Use Your Brain to Build a Better Business
Learn five ways to apply five neural leadership practices.

Focus on the Gap, Not the Goal
A goal tends to push people away from the present and excites them to push forward. On the other hand, attention to a gap between what is and what could be motivates people to close that gap. Add a sense of urgency, and you have a strategy for...

For a Fresh Perspective, Stop Dancing and Get Out on the Balcony
While most businesspeople bow to the pressure to keep on dancing as fast as they can, savvy managers understand the value of spending a bit of time away from the action, gaining the perspective and insight that a short break "out on the balcony" can...

Forecasts for the 2008 Workplace
What does 2008 hold in store? Here are seven trends that could shape the workplace over the coming year....

From Worst to First in One Year—Why the Right Talent Matters - Members Only
Lessons from the Red Sox on how to choose the best talent.

Futurism: A Growing Business Strategy
People have been trying to predict the future-in every area of endeavor from baseball to business-for years. Now new strategies for envisioning the future, such as computer simulations, provide us with even more sophisticated soothsaying...

Futurism: The Antidote to Chaos
Author Eric Garland wants to take you on a journey to the final frontier. No, not space-the future. In this excerpt from his new book Future, Inc.: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What's Next, Garland explains, "Everyone can be...

Gazing into the Global Future
What does the future hold? For one thing, according to the director of the Trends Research Institute, although America owned the 20th century, China will own the 21st....

Giving Employees a Reason to Care
Here are seven reasons to commit emplooyees to the company's culture.

Growing Pains:
Learn why growth may be a dangerous strategy for some companies.

Have You Heard About “Mesh” Businesses?
Learn about how companies are using the data collection skills from the Internet to create a new form of business.

How Employee Ownership Benefits Executives, Companies, and Employees
Just over 10 years ago, John Wright decided to sell the family business to its employees.

How to Plan Like a Leader
It doesn't matter what your job title is. Among your responsibilities is to act as the leader of your team. And as a leader, your tasks include leading your group in planning-understanding the corporate strategy and then in developing your unit's...

How to Predict the Future and Transform Your Business
Using "flash foresight" to predict future trends and to spur innovation.

Integrating a New Workforce: A Minicase Study
We can learn from the past as this story from Damburg, Virginia shows.

Is Your Business Prepared for the Avian Flu?
The London Chamber of Commerce reported that only one in five businesses would survive a 12-week outbreak of avian flu. Will your business be one of them? Learn how to innoculate your company against the avian flu with an emergency plan....

Job Outlook 2003 Survey
More than 60% of business executives believe that their workforce in the U.S. will stay the same or decrease in the year ahead. Only 38% foresee job growth and those that do generally predict modest growth in the 1-5% range. Also noted, internal...

Job Outlook 2004 Survey
More than 60% of business executives believe that their workforce in the U.S. will stay the same or decrease in the year ahead. Only 38% foresee job growth and those that do generally predict modest growth in the 1-5% range. Also noted, internal...

Kid Gloves or Iron Fist: How Fast and Flexibly to Approach Post-Merger Organizational Integration
Too often, HR's responsibility has been to agree to whether a merger should take place, whereas its strategic involvement would be better spent in identifying ways to make the proposed alliance work effectively. Besides, HR's vote about a merger...

Leaders, Meet Your Future Selves
Five strategies to help leaders visualize and plan for the future.

Leading into the Future
Too often, companies fall victim to the organizational hurdles that keep leadership development programs from being truly top-notch. Lack of measurement tools and rewards systems for leadership behaviors are commonly cited obstacles that corporations...

Leading Turnarounds: Avoiding Early Mistakes
How to effect a successful business turnaround.

Learn How to Develop a Great Business Plan
Learn how the history of Alexander the Great can help us perfect our strategic plan.

Making Change Happen in a Global Age
In his book Epic Change: How to Lead Change in a Global Age, Timothy R. Clark shares his successfully field-tested approach to change that combines strategic and tactical tools to pull energy out of an organization to respond to disruptive outside...

Making Sense out of Hiring and Training Older Workers
Learn about the value of hiring and retaining older employees

Making Strategic Alliances Work-the Cisco Way
Thirteen percent of Internet networking giant Cisco's total business comes from strategic alliances. In our exclusive interview, the firm's Director of Marketing gives us the inside scoop on how the company has successfully created a culture that...

Managerial Rx-How to Get Rid of Bad Apples
A new study shows that your company's bad apples aren't just annoying; if they're not properly dealt with they can easily spoil your entire corporate culture. It's up to managers to take decisive action to try to reform bad apples or, if that doesn't...

Managing Change Is More Difficult than Ever - Members Only
i4cp's 2013 Critical Human Capital Issues Survey shows that issues pertaining to change continue to dominate the business landscape.

Managing Continuous Change - Members Only
Remember that old Billy Joel song, "Don't go changin' to try and please me"? Too bad corporate America doesn't share the sentiment. Today's employees are not only expected to deal with constant change, but to actually embrace it....

Managing Tomorrow Today - Members Only
A look at the past, present, and future state of HR.

Mercer Study Shows Workforce Priorities for 2010
A study by Mercer Consulting shows emphasis on realignment of staff and strategic goals for upcoming year.

Millennials Drive Workplace Social Media - Members Only
Executives must make strategic decisions now about how to leverage the power of social media.

Moscow Is Now the World’s Most Expensive City
Hard to believe, but according to the latest Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, Moscow is now the world's most expensive city, usurping the title from Tokyo. If you're looking for a really cheap place to live, try Asuncion in Paraguay-the world's least...

New Survey Finds Little Enthusiasm for Free Market Capitalism
Has the "Anglo-American" or "Anglo-Saxon" economic model lost its appeal? A new Financial Times/Harris Poll shows that less than 50% of adults in five European countries and the U.S. think a free-market capitalist economy is the best economic system....

Nine Keys to Launching a New Division
Given the assignment to start up a new division, what steps do you take first? What don't you do?

On Shaking Things Up
Today's business world is changing faster than ever. That's one of the conclusions of the 2006 Agility and Resilience in the Face of Continuous Change, a global study of organizations commissioned by American Management Association and...

Playing not to Lose
High-performing companies are already planning for an upcoming war for talent.

Profitability vs. Growth: How to Achieve Both
Bottom-line margin or top-line growth? Ask managers which they want and they will tell you "both." But research into over a thousand companies shows that only 32% are able to achieve both more often than not. With the odds stacked against them, how...

Proof Positive: Seven Facts to Breathe Life into Your Business
Learn how to grow your young business

Rahul Gupta on Fiserv’s Greatest Leadership Challenges
Learn how one executive grew his company's bottom line.

Raising People Value in Downturns
An interview with William A. Schiemann, a specialist in talent management, reveals how leaders can maximize People Equity courtesy of Alignment, Capabilities, and Engagement (ACE). A study of 2,000 companies showed that the higher the ACE score among...

Resilience: A Lasting Advantage
Business often feels like a contact sport. Your competitors want to rough you up, blitz you with unexpected new products, undercut your prices, gang up on you via alliances or mergers and hammer away at your stock price. The important thing is a...

Resistance to Change: Martyrs, the Oasis, and Copycats
Learn how copycats, martyrs, and the oasis phenomenon interfere with positive change.

Roadmap to a Customer-Centric Strategy
Becoming a truly customer-centric organization is perhaps one of the most difficult transitions an organization can make, fraught with hidden obstacles and unanticipated challenges. Here are three potential roadblocks on the path to a customer-centric...

Scaling Up Excellence
How to identify areas of excellence and spread them throughout an organization.

Secrets of the Strategy Execution Superstars - Members Only
Companies that excel at strategy execution, including P&G, Costco, and Google.

Seven Steps to Gaining Strength in a Weakened Economy
Companies are coming out of the recession in a weakened condition. Learn some strategies to rebuild the business.

Six Key Questions in Strategic Planning
Here are six key questions you need to ask as you enter into strategic planning.

Speed and Sustainability:
Learn how to bring about change effectively and efficiently.

Staying Agile in a Turbulent World
To succeed in the face of economic turbulence, organizations must become more agile.

Strategic Talent Management
The most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent: smart, sophisticated business people who are technologically literate, globally astute, and operationally agile. To ensure their companies will have the right leadership...

Strategic Workforce Planning-A New Way to Boost Productivity
A new study examines how organizations are using a new management process called Strategic Workforce Planning to forecast what talent they need to successfully execute their business strategy....

Strategies for Dealing with the Challenges and Opportunities of America’s Aging Workforce
Just like the rest of us, the U.S. workforce isn't getting any younger. 17% of American workers will be 55 or older by 2010, with nearly 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day. Savvy organizations are looking for ways to both harness the knowledge...

Study Shows That, Globally Speaking, Firms Have a Lot to Learn
A new study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity and the American Society for Training & Development shows that despite increased globalization, for many companies, there remains a large chasm between what they do and what they should do to...

Sustainability 101: How Taking a Short View Can Leave You Short-changed - Members Only
Sander A. Flaum explores the benefits of a long-term business perspective

Tactics for Doing Business at the Speed of Now
Today, businesses must learn how to function more effectively during what is the biggest economic shift...

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Managing Your Business Operations Risks
Think your business is prepared to continue operations in the face of crisis? Think again. Here, from a risk management expert, are 10 things management may have overlooked. For starters, don't assume that your IT department has the situation under...

The (Civil) War for Talent
By now, you've probably heard all about the war for talent-the workforce crisis resulting from the retirement of Baby Boomers, the scarcity of highly skilled younger workers, and so forth. But there's also a war for talent that's taking place within...

The “Grow or Die” Lie
Learn these six truths about corporate growth.

The Blofeld School of Management
Learn about predictive scenarios

The CEO and the Holy Grail: What King Arthur Can Teach Us About Training Leaders
Learnhow to engage your leaders in training.

The Five Domains of High Performance - Members Only
Research by the Institute of Corporate Productivity has identified five basic ingredients of high performing organizations.

The Four Gs of Smartly Growing Yur Business in Good Times and Bad
Learn of four atypical strategies for growing your business in tough times and good.

The Four Ps of Strategy Creation
Perceptions, performance, purpose, and process--these four Ps encourage critical thinking, increased creativity, and increase opportunities and avoid threats.

The Future of Strategy Execution
A new study by AMA and the Human Resource Institute arrived at five broad assumptions about the future of strategy execution. Globalization and changes in organizational structures top the list....

The Keys to Strategy Execution
The single greatest barrier to strategy execution is a lack of adequate resources. Not only does the proper allocation of resources increase a strategy's chances of success, it's a clear sign from leadership that the strategy is viewed as a high...

The Leader as Strategist
An excerpt from Brian Tracy's book Leadership.

The Leadership Competencies That Matter Most in Today's Trying Economic Times - Members Only
The results of an American Management Association/i4cp study on leadership competencies.

The New Age of Risk Management: Lessons from Super Storm Sandy
Learn how to prevent another crisis like Sandy wherever you live.

The Organization’s Fault
Today's highly skilled knowledge worker is a far cry from yesterday's factory worker. Yet many experts believe that the way work gets done hasn't yet fully evolved from the outdated vertical corporate structure of the 20th century to the more...

The Power of Simplicity
Many strategic plans fail to get executed for a simple reason-too much complexity. Read this interview with Simple Solutions authors Tom Schmitt, president and CEO of FedEx Global Supply Chain, and Arnold Perl, a partner at the law firm of Ford...

The Quest for Innovation
The 21st Century is fast becoming the Age of Innovation. But creating a corporate culture that recognizes and rewards innovation is not always easy. The most significant barriers organizations face are insufficient resources, the lack of a formal...

The Science of Sales Growth in a Recession
It may seem counter-intuitive, but the way to grow sales during the recession is to increase investment.

The Second Mice Are Coming - Members Only
U.S. suppliers must decide whether to take on fast-follower Chinese firms as customers.

The Value of a Long-term Perspective - Members Only
In challenging times, it's all too easy to become immobilized by a "gloom and doom" attitude. But as professional development guru Brian Tracy reminds us, the people who experience the greatest success are those who set priorities based on a...

Three Keys to Successful Crisis Management
Here are three opportunities for successful crisis management.

Three Preliminary Questions to Consider Before Expanding into an Emerging Market
Here are three questions you should ask before considering expansion abroad.u

Three Steps to Restart Your Growth Engine
Companies have to shake the rust off their growth engines. This begins with an assessment of their propensity for change and a plan for change. But most important is an analysis of competitive advantage. This requires "possibility thinking." Read...

To Win, Understand Your Enemy - Members Only
A new book uses strategies from Sun Tzu's The Art of War as a guide for business success.

Transforming Vision into Reality
A well-crafted corporate vision statement is a beautiful thing. But transforming that lofty vision from the written page into real life requires effective communication, an open attitude toward change and a detailed implementation plan....

Transforming Your Business
a new body of research has emerged that strongly confirms the value of non-cash rewards within the engagement mix and provides increased insight into how to design programs more effectively.

Turning Strategy into Execution
Even the most brilliant business strategy is useless if an organization can't transform its lofty plans into results. So what drives execution? AMA and Human Resource Institute launched a global study to find out. They learned that clarity,...

Understanding What’s Behind Change Firms
An interview with McKinsey's Claudio Feser on his study of serial innovators.

Unlocking Big Data: A Strategy for Workforce Analytics
Learn how to convert workforce data into meaningful insights to grow your company.

Want to Win at Business? Learn How to Play the Game
Discover what sports teams can teach you about managing effectively a business.

We’ve Got Your Business Case for Learning Right Here
New evidence links learning to business success.

What Does Success Look Like for Your Company: Social Media Planning
Learn how to use social media planning to grow your business

What Is Strategy Execution?
A 10-step approach to aid in execution of strategy.

When a Business Reset Is in Order
Learn how one organization reorganized itself to fit the market needs.

Why Managers Need to Think Strategically
Learn the eight steps importrant to strategic thinking.

Working to Create a Sustainable World
Employees want real evidence that their company is committed to the green movement. Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, n an interview based on his latest book The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations Are Working Together...

You Do Need This Product, Right? (And Six Other Deadly Sins That Stunt Organic Growth)
Yes, it is a tough economy but there are opportunities for growth if you can avoid six common mistakes of companies that plan to grow through organic growth.

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