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Strategic Alliance Management Solutions

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Essentials of Alliances and Joint Ventures for Business Professionals Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
If your organization has forged strategic alliances—or is planning to—you can’t afford to miss this information-packed session.

Web Events

5 Ways to Grow Your Business in a Slowing Economy -- On-Demand Webcasts
In this interactive Webcast you’ll discover a number of proven strategies to effectively monetize existing company assets.


Aaron Sandoski on How the Wise Decide
How do the wise decide and lead businesses and organizations to great success is the question Bryn Zeckhauser and Aaron Sandoski posed to themselves after landing their first jobs as managers.

Blythe McGarvie on Making Courageous Decisions in a Changing World

Conant and Norgaard on the Leadership Touch
Using the head, heart, and hands to create new leaders

David Rhodes on Management During Recession
During a time of slow growth, companies need to be more mindful and innovative.

Lisa Gansky on Collaborating to Get Ahead of the Competition
Lisa Gansky talks about collaboration as the new trend for successful businesses.

Peter R. Worrell on the Golden Age of Mergers and Acquisitions
Peter R. Worrell talks about the real side of mergers and acquisitions.

Rafiq Dossani on India’s Rise to the Top of Global Business
Rafiq Dossani discusses India's growing role in the global economy in his new book India Arriving (AMACOM Books). India has the world's fourth largest economy, the largest youth population, and the current ranking of the second-most-preferred...

Ron Hira on the Inside Story of Outsourcing America
One of the hottest, most controversial topics in the news is the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries. Outsourced jobs are extending well beyond the manufacturing sector to include white-collar professionals, particularly in information...

Scott Eblin on Executive Success
Kick-starting your career on the leadership track

Winners of the 2007 Alliance Awards on Strategic Alliance Excellence
Strategic alliances and partnerships play a crucial role in growing businesses in today's marketplace. But for every success story, there are numerous perils and pitfalls waiting to cause alliances to fail - so what are the secrets to strategic...

Winter Nie and William Dowell on Chinese Expansion
Winter Nie and William Dowell, authors of the new AMACOM book In the Shadow of the Dragon, talk to us about Chinese expansion and growth.

Articles & White Papers

Alliances Between Small and Larger Companies Can Mean Risky Business - Members Only
There are many ways a small company can benefit by forming an alliance with a larger one, including the ability to tap into a larger customer base. But the failure rate for these partnerships can be as high as 60%. Here are some strategies that will...

Effective Knowledge Transfer Can Help Transform Your Bottom Line
Does your company have a knowledge transfer plan? If not, as baby boomers retire, your business could be at risk....

Internal Collaboration 2002 Survey
One of the first new business clichés of the 21st Century is the word "silos" as applied to organizations in which some units tend not to work cooperatively with each other. To determine if "silos" do actually exist, AMA surveyed its Executive...

Strategic Alliances
Strategic alliances can be a great move for a company. Norma Watenpaugh and Hanoch Eiron explain why successful alliances start with involvement at the top.

Strategic Alliances: A Growth Model for Companies - Members Only
Companies of all sizes turn to strategic alliances as a means to foster growth. But the dramatically high failure rate of these partnerships-50 to 75%-is evidence that getting people from different environments to work together productively is no...

The Right Way to Make Alliances Work
Have you wondered why so many strategic alliances fail? Steve Steinhilber manages a portfolio of alliances at Cisco Systems that has a cumulative value of more than $4.5 billion annually. He can write from experience what makes his succeed and others...

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