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Human Resource Management Solutions

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Developing Executive Leadership Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Join millions of team leaders who have trusted the expert faculty at AMA for their executive leadership training needs.

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Acquire essential finance skills in 2 days

Fundamentals of Human Resources Management Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
This intensive, hands-on seminar will give you a solid overview of all aspects of HR.

Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Seize this opportunity to anticipate, initiate and manage change.

Strategic Planning Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Develop the best strategic planning process to support your company’s goals.

Successfully Managing People Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Move your team to higher performance

The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
People need to hear what you have to say.

Training the Trainer Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Our training for trainers program: how to build confidence and engage your audience

AMA's Employment Law Course: Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of EEO, FMLA and ADA Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
This interactive and case-study-centered employment law seminar combines a comprehensive overview of employee discrimination/EEO, the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Change Management Workshop Onsite Seminars
Motivate others in the face of uncertainty and communicate in a manner that inspires optimal productivity.

Developing a Culture of Respect: How to Cultivate a Harassment-Free Organization Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars New
Implement standards to ensure you have a respectful and productive workplace

Effective Strategies for Impactful Training Classroom Seminars
Improve your training skills with our advanced tools and techniques

Finding Common Ground: How to Overcome Unconscious Bias Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars New
Identify and overcome unconscious bias to advance inclusiveness in your organization

Instructional Design for Trainers Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Gain a practical, proven-in-action method for creating innovative and successful training programs.

Leadership Strategies for Creating a Respectful Workplace Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Build and support a more positive and productive workplace climate.

Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Maximize individual, team, and organizational potential through Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Leading Virtual Teams Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Maximize the synergy and productivity of your virtual team.

Protecting Your Organization: Conducting Effective Investigations Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Here’s how not to be dragged into multimillion-dollar settlements.

Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Employees Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
The everything you need to know before you say you're hired seminar.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars New
Learn how to keep your organization free of sexual misconduct and harassment

Successfully Applying the MBTI® Assessment: A Hands-on Refresher Onsite Seminars
Brush up on the fundamental concepts of using the MBTI® Assessment and Personality Type

Succession Planning: Developing Talent from Within Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Ensure your organization always has well-trained, experienced people in key positions.

Web Events

Active Shooters and Armed Attackers in the Workplace -- On-Demand Webinars
Response Tools for Workplace Violence Events

Active Training Strategies Guaranteed to Promote Involvement, Learning and Change -- On-Demand Webcasts
How to turn your ordinary training sessions into extraordinary events!

Age Curve: Examining the Changing Demographic Landscape -- On-Demand Webcasts
Demographic Changes That Will Affect Your Bottom Line

AMA Briefing: Being Prepared to Avoid and Deal with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace -- On-Demand Webcasts
Proactive Tactics to Safeguard Your Organization

AMA’s Live Quicktime Seminar Open House -- On-Demand Webcasts
Discover How to Bring the Power of AMA Training to Your Desktop!

Building Practical Learning and Development Frameworks for Real World Performance: Strategies for Success -- On-Demand Webcasts
A Roadmap for Building a Bench of Capable and Agile Business Professionals

Corporate Communications in a Web 2.0 World -- On-Demand Webcasts
Advice for shaping and relaying your message using the ever-shifting mix of new technology platforms

Developing a Leadership Pipeline That Works -- On-Demand Webcasts
Talent Management Executives Share Their Experiences

Effective Training: Implementing the Four Levels -- On-Demand Webcasts
Revisiting How the Four Levels Can Boost Training Results

Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline -- On-Demand Webcasts
Are you ready to replace senior leaders in your organization when they retire?

Handling Problem Employees: Avoiding Lawsuits and Investigation Disasters -- On-Demand Webcasts
Every organization has them…

Hiring for High Emotional Intelligence: How to Use the EQ Interview Process -- On-Demand Webinars
EQ is a key attribute that you must determine before you make an offer

How Innovative Companies Leverage Workforce Metrics and Analytics -- On-Demand Webcasts
Discover How Performance Measurements Drive Results

How to Source and Manage Outside Talent -- On-Demand Webcasts
Steps to Leveraging Talent You Don't Own

HR 101 for New Managers -- On-Demand Webinars
How to Avoid Manager Mistakes that Spark Lawsuits

Management Development Skills for the Accidental Trainer -- On-Demand Webcasts
Advice for successfully developing your staff when you have absolutely no training background

Managing Globally Using the MBTI® Instrument: 6 Ways to More Effectively Communicate Across Cultures -- On-Demand Webcasts
Using the MBTI® Instrument with Multinational and Cross-Cultural Groups

One Foot Out The Door -- On-Demand Webcasts
Steps You Can Take Now to Re-Engage Your Employees

Proving the Value of Training to the C-Suite: The Language of Bottom-Line Results -- On-Demand Webcasts
The challenges of proving the value of training

Social Networking: Using the Latest Tools to Support Learning and Talent Management -- On-Demand Webcasts
Where Social Networking Fits into Corporate Learning and Development

The New American Workplace: Changes, Choices and Consequences -- On-Demand Webcasts
The U.S. government’s Work in America report received national acclaim and front-page coverage in media across the United States when it was published 30 years ago.

The Secrets and Science of Great Performance Management -- On-Demand Webcasts
Solutions for Optimizing Performance Management

The Talent Development Dilemma: -- On-Demand Webcasts
Truths and Myths about Online Learning Modalities

Unleashing Growth Leaders in your Organization -- On-Demand Webcasts
Accelerate Organic Business Growth by Leveraging Existing Resources


Alex Frankel on Working Undercover at America’s Top Companies
Curious to know just what happens behind the "employees only" doors of big companies, journalist Alex Frankel embarked on an undercover reporting project to find out how some of America's well-known companies win the hearts and minds of their retail...

Alexandra Levit on Finding the Job and Employment Success
Avoiding Missteps to Step Ahead

Alexandra Levit on Harnessing the Next Generation Workforce
Alexandra Levit is the author of They Don't Teach Corporate in College, a practical guide that delivers the vital information junior corporate employees need to succeed in today's tough business climate. As the founder of the career consultancy...

Anders Dahlvig on IKEA’s Global Social Ambition
Continual Growth of an Industry Giant

Ann Rhoades on Revolutionizing Company Culture

Beverly Kaye on Keeping Ideal People in the Workplace
With every employee who walks out the door costing the company up to 200 percent of their annual salary to replace, retention is one of the most important issues facing businesses today. Because finding the ideal person for every workplace position...

Bill Conaty on Diversifying and Developing Your Skill Sets in an Ever-Changing Workplace
Attracting, Developing and Retaining World Class Talent

Bob Nelson on Sparking Motivation and Initiative in Your Team and Yourself
Bob Nelson is an international recognized expert on finding these kinds of simple yet powerful ways to motivate people at work. Nelson is founder and president of Nelson Motivation, Inc., a management training and consulting firm based in San Diego...

Bruce Barry on Free Speech in the Workplace
In his new book Speechless, Bruce Barry critiques a legal system that gives employers wide latitude to suppress worker expression, and argues that freedom of speech in the workplace is excessively and needlessly limited. Barry advocates changes to the...

Bruce Tulgan on How to Manage Generation Y

Chester Elton on "Carrot" style motivation
Long-term organizational success is almost impossible without effective recognition of employees. Chester Elton explains the remarkably simple but powerful methods great managers use to provide their employees with effective recognition, which all...

Dan Carrison on Management Secrets of the FBI
In its one hundred-year fight against the ever-changing tactics of organized crime and terrorism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has learned invaluable lessons about powerful leadership and management. Like many organizations, the FBI must...

David Braun on Mergers and Acquisitions
You've probably seen Pretty Woman, Wall Street, or Working Girl and think you have an idea of how mergers and acquisitions work: a big scary company comes to buy a small company and sell it for scrap.

David Noer on Healing the Wounds of Layoffs

David Ulrich on How HR Transforms the Future

Dick Grote on Disciplining without Punishment
Dick Grote speaks on how to get problem employees to take responsibility for their behavior and how to solve attitude, attendance, and performance problems successfully, without resorting to punishment In his book Discipline without Punishment...

Dick Martin on Adapting to a Diversified World
Understanding and Targeting New Demographics

Donald and Jim Kirkpatrick on the Four Levels of Effective Training
The Kirkpatrick four-level evaluation model focuses on four key areas: reaction, learning, behavior and results - with each successive level representing a more precise measure of the effectiveness of a training program. Listen to the Kirkpatricks as...

Edward Lawler on Making People Your Competitive Advantage
In today's global business environment, it's more and more difficult to gain a competitive edge, but it's not impossible. Talent, potentially the most powerful source of competitive advantage, is available. In Talent: Making People Your Competitive...

Emily King on Recruiting and Keeping Veterans
Emily King talks about the benefits of recruiting veterans to civilian jobs.

Geoff Colvin on Why Talent is Overrated
Why are some people - Tiger Woods, Warren Buffett, Yo-Yo Ma - so incredibly accomplished at what they do, while millions of others in those same fields never become very good? Why are some people so extraordinarily creative and innovative? Why can...

George Anders on Finding Exceptional Talent
Adopting New Tactics for Efficient Recruiting

Gordon Patzer on Why Looks Matter More than You Think
Dr. Gordon L. Patzer has devoted the last 30 years to investigating this unsettling phenomenon for both women and men, and how it touches every part of our lives. In his book Looks, (AMACOM) - he reveals not only its impact on romance, but also on...

Howard Behar on the Secret of Starbucks’ Success
After a working life spent building Starbucks from a chain of 28 stores to an international coffee business through positions such as executive vice president of sales, founding president of Starbucks International and president of Starbucks North...

Howard Guttman on Building High-Performance Teams
Standout performance is what it takes to be a top business team. In Great Business Teams, Howard Guttman examines the inner workings of over 30 business teams, at top-management, business-unit, and functional levels, to offer a radically new vision of...

Jack Mitchell on Why You Should Hug People at Work
We work in a 21st century world where email has replaced conversation, call centers have decamped to India and help lines have turned into a series of automated messages. And while many of us are habitually reaching for our cellphones and...

Jack Stahl on Frameworks for Successful Leadership
Jack Stahl became a top executive of two world-famous corporations - Cola Cola and Revlon - before the age of 50. In his book Lessons on Leadership, Stahl offers the down to earth approach to business leadership that fueled his meteoric rise through...

James Kouzes on Rising to the Leadership Challenge
The Leadership Challenge, one of the best-selling leadership books of all time, is considered by many as the most trusted source on becoming a better leader. With this fourth edition, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner issue a new collection of case...

James Parker on Doing the Right Thing at Southwest Airlines
People matter most, we all know that. But most companies would rather slash costs, cut headcount, replace well-paid employees with lower-paid employees or outsourced workers, and reduce customer service. In the wake of 9/11, Southwest Airlines was...

John Mattone on Creating a Sustainable Organization through Leadership Management and Development
Preserving You’re A-Team and Drive Breakthrough Results

John Putzier and Dave Baker on Making HR an Integral Part of the Company
John Putzier and Dave Baker believe that Human Resources can be a source of inspiration to the company and help it grow stronger, not just through hiring and firing, but with innovative thinking and by inspiring the workers they already hired.

Joseph Grenny on Vital Behaviors for Positive Influence
Most of us stop trying to make change happen because we believe it is too difficult, if not impossible. We develop complicated coping strategies when we should be learning the tools and techniques of the world's most influential people. But this is...

Judith Bardwick on Defeating Apathy in the Workplace
After years of downsizing, outsourcing and corporate greed gone wild, today's workers believe that their company no longer values them. These vulnerable and resentful feelings affect as many as two-thirds of U.S. workers, who are either actively...

Laurence Miller on Handling Difficult to Disturbed Employees
Every workplace is filled with a wide range of personalities. From Difficult to Disturbed (AMACOM), the new book by Dr. Laurence Miller, gives managers the insight, understanding, and tools they need to get the best from those who present the toughest...

Leigh Stringer on The Healthy Workplace New
Retention, recruiting, and even stock prices soar in companies that care about the health of their employees.

Len Sandler on Becoming an Extraordinary Manager
Nearly all managers dream of being inspiring leaders who elicit the most from their people. But while they may understand the skills needed to manage their teams, very few know how to put their knowledge into practice. Now, any manager can get...

Lindsey Pollak on Getting from College to Career
They say you can’t get a job without experience—but how do you get experience without having a job?

Lynda McDermott on Leading World Class Teams
In her book World Class Teams, Lynda McDermott provides a hands-on guide on how to develop, launch, lead, and evaluate world class teams. With her coauthors William Waite and Nolan Brawley, Lynda draws heavily from their experience with such...

Michael Lee Stallard on How to Fire Up Your Team’s Passion, Creativity and Productivity
Employee disengagement is a widespread malady in today's organizations, causing the loss of billions of dollars, hours of dissatisfaction and work lives lacking true value. Scientific research has validated the powerful effect of emotional connections...

Mike McGuire on Preparing for a Pandemic Flu Outbreak
Influenza pandemics are not static events like a hurricane or tornado, nor are they confined to a specific area. Pandemics come in multiple waves and experts believe that many organizations would have difficulty maintaining operations as a result of...

Paul Falcone on Partnering with HR
Human Resources works best when it works with you.

Paul Laudicina on Continuous Organizational Transformation
Rebuilding Your Business Model Successfully

Phil Geier on the Creation of Advertising

Quint Studer on Getting Results That Last
Quint Studer has built a thriving career on helping healthcare companies achieve maximum effectiveness and consistent bottom-line results. Now, in Results That Last, he brings his ideas to the rest of the business world. Studer teaches leaders in...

Rachael Brown on Paying Employees to Quit
Founded in 1999, the online shoe retailer Zappos.com has been an astonishing success story, growing to nearly $1 billion in sales. Even more impressive than its sales numbers, however, are the numbers of customers who rave about Zappos customer...

Robert Lopes on Growing a Business in the Right Direction
The first 12 months of a CEO's tenure provides insights into the effectiveness of his or her leadership style, his or her priorities, and "most important" his or her fit in the organization. In January 2006, Robert Lopes joined Veritude, a division of...

Rodd Wagner on defeating workplace disengagement
Rodd Wagner is the co-author of 12: The Elements of Great Managing, the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 runaway bestseller First, Break All the Rules. Grounded in Gallup's 10 million employee and manager interviews spanning 114 countries, 12 follows...

Sander Flaum on Finding Success in Today’s Job Market
Sander Flaum talks to us about how to get attention in a job search and then nail the interview.

Selena Rezvani on the New Generations of Women Workers

Stephen Heidari-Robinson on Surviving a Reorganization
Business reorganizations are a fact of life and they're going to become more frequent than ever.

Steve Kerr on Performance Rewards Systems That Really Work
It’s one of the thorniest management problems around: dealing with unmotivated, low-performing employees.

Terrence Gargiulo on Taming Difficult People
From Tibet to Mexico to the Balkans, every culture has its own cherished folktales. While originally made up to reinforce morals and good behavior, these stories aren't just for kids. Many fables featuring whimsical creatures and talking animals have...

Tony Beshara on How to Ace Your Next Interview
At some point, most people have been caught off guard by tough interview questions. In Acing the Interview: How to Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job, the employment expert Dr. Phil called "the best of the best" gives job seekers...

William Rothwell on Leveraging a Seasoned Talent Pool
While many employers have traditionally viewed their younger employees as their most precious assets, the truth is that their more seasoned workers are often their most valuable. In his new book, Working Longer (AMACOM), William J Rothwell gives...

Articles & White Papers

"Glass Ceiling" Is Cracked but Not Yet Broken
Although Americans were gratified to see an African American and a woman battle it out for the chance to occupy the #1 spot in their government, the corporate world has some catching up to do when it comes to diversity at the top. According to a...

“Time Outs” Take an Increasing Toll on Women’s Careers
Recommendations for businesses that want to retain their women employees.

10 Keys to Workplace Excellence - Members Only
Motivational strategies used by the 'Best of the Best' organizations, based on surveys of over 100,000 managers and employees.

10 Steps to Rev Up Employee Engagement - Members Only
Productivity lies in your employees, and if they are not happy your business will suffer. Here are 10 tips to keep employee engagement at a high level.

10 Ways to Get Employees to Love Your Company - Members Only
How to build a happy, motivated, high-achieving workforce.

10 Ways to Help Employees Deal with Economic Crisis - Members Only
The author of "Giving the Real Recognition Way" offers advice on how to motivate your people during the downturn.

12 Ways to Make Your Training Program a Hit
It's human nature to want to learn and develop...so why do so many employees avoid training programs like the plague? Here are 12 things you can do to get your employees excited about training....

2006 U.S. Compensation Outlook: Salary Increases Will Remain Modest, Despite a Strong Economy
Think because the economy is on the upswing you'll finally get that big pay increase? Don't count on it, according to a new compensation planning survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. Their data show that 2006 pay increases in the U.S. will...

2008 Training and Development Forecast
Investment in employee training and career development is now the fastest-growing HR area, according to a new survey. The biggest challenges for employers? Attracting, retaining, and engaging employees....

6 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement and Market Performance - Members Only
High levels of employee engagement and higher market performance go hand in hand.

A Performance Review System That Works For Everyone
Here are 20 questions as foundation of an effective performance review.

ABCs of Corporate Social Media - Members Only
Tips on how organizations can best leverage social media.

Adapting to Teleworker Trends
Nearly 29 million Americans now telecommute at least part of the time, and that number is clearly on the upswing. But organizations have a long way to go to adapt to the world of telework. For starters, they have to commit to measuring performance...

Add Web Data to Your Employees' Toolset to Help Them Succeed
Learn how to provide access to data is one of the most powerful tools for your staff.

Addressing Worker Burnout
Americans are the hardest-working people on the planet and the U.S. is the world's richest nation. But this prosperity can carry a hefty price-employee burnout....

Administrative Professionals 2002 Survey
Over the past year, administrative professionals have assumed more responsibility, are doing more work than before and have taken on more of a leadership role. As a result, more than ever, administrative professionals say they need more training to...

Administrative Professionals' Tasks and Competencies 2003 Survey
Both administrative professionals and their managers generally agree on the components of administrative support staff jobs, but there is a significant difference of opinion on the competencies that are most important for administrative professionals.

After the Layoff: Managing the Survivors - Members Only
Advice for managers to keep "surviving" employees motivated and productive.

AMA Critical Skills Survey: Workers Need Higher Level Skills to Succeed in the 21st Century - Members Only
The AMA 2010 Critical Skills Survey shows the importance of the 4 C's employee skills: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communcation.

An Introduction to Blended Learning
Studies show that learners do better when they are provided with a variety of linked learning opportunities, such as a combination of classroom and online sessions. This excerpt from the white paper Blended Learning Opportunities, commissioned by...

Are Employers Responsible for Workers’ Financial Wellness?
Learn how employee benefits can help emplooyee finances and thereby promote employee work attitude and motivation.

Are Surveys Evil?
Everyone-customer, employee, or manager-has at some point taken a survey that made him or her want to scream from frustration. And yet, a properly executed survey can yield important information about employee and customer needs. Theresa M....

Are You Blunt? How to Say What Is on Your Mind Without Leaving a Trail of Dead Bodies
How to develop a more positive work and communication style

Are You Proud of Your Organization?
How organizations can foster an environment of pride and engagement.

Are You Wasting Time and Money on the Wrong Retention Strategies? - Members Only
Business leaders can't afford to let retention slip off the radar.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes - Members Only
Executive hiring secrets from an executive search expert.

Becoming an Employee-Centered Organization
Strategies for retaining your best employees and avoiding employee turnover.

Better Job Descriptions = Better Candidates
Wanted: manager who knows how to write marketing-savvy, persuasive job descriptions that attract top performers. If this isn't you, read the following article for advice on how to put together a job description that sizzles....

Beware of the Thorns in the BlackBerry Patch
As employees become more and more dependent on their so-called "crackberrys," corporate attorneys warn that the obsessive clicking is the sound of overtime lawsuits waiting to happen. It all boils down to this: what is and what is not work?...

Beyond the Automated Brain
This is your brain. This is your brain being replaced by a computer. Could it happen? Maybe not, but there's no doubt that computers have had a radical effect on the occupational distribution of the U.S. workforce....

Blended Learning Opportunities
By Allison Rossett and Rebecca Vaughan Frazee, San Diego State University. Noted experts on blended learning, Dr. Allison Rossett and her colleague Rebecca Vaughan Frazee explore the common components of blended learning and how organizations are...

Boost Your Bottom Line-through Better People Management
The best way to avoid poorly performing employees is to avoid hiring them in the first place. Here are some sure-fire ways to beef up your organization's people management competencies....

Brian Tracy on How to Hire the Right People
If you hire the right people for the right job, your company's productivity can skyrocket. Brian Tracy offers tips on how to hire the right people.

Bridging China’s Talent Gap
As the Chinese economy continues to grow, demand for highly talented employees, especially people with local and international managerial skills, now exceeds the supply. The Chinese government knows it must increase the number of educated people if...

Bridging the Gender Pay Gap
Sure, all men are created equal. But women? When it comes to salaries, not so much. Although the latter decades of the 20th century brough substantial progress for women's rights, when it comes to pay equity, the numbers still don't add up. The...

Building a Sense of Teamwork Among Staff Members
Advice on making a group into a work team.

Building Employee Confidence
What is the number one personality trait of individuals who deal most effectively with change? It’s confidence. Here are seven strategies from change management expert Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., that will help your people become more confident and...

Building Employee Potential on a Daily Basis
Tough times demand you build employees for advancement.

Building Sustainable Talent Pipelines
Finding and developing talented performers is one of a leader's most important jobs. Here are seven core principles you can use to create a successful talent management program....

Can We Really Spot Talent?
Talent: you've either got it or you don't, right? Not necessarily, according to many experts. The Human Resource Institute's Mark Vickers takes a look at current thinking about the definition of talent and finds that it's not always as easy to...

Can Work Ethic Be Bolstered in Troubled Times?
The work ethic and attitudes that employees bring to their jobs each day certainly affect a firm's overall performance. If employers adopt practices designed to boost employee commitment, they may be able to offset any negative consequences of the...

Can’t Live with ’Em, Can’t Live without ’Em: Dealing with Difficult High Performers
How to deal with various kinds of difficult high performers.

China's Talent Crunch
Would you believe that China, the world's most populous nation, is experiencing a serious talent shortage? Believe it. A talent-management "perfect storm" of rapid growth, increasing wages, and a skills lag threaten to derail even established...

Coaching Dilemmas: Traps and Pitfalls to Avoid
Learn to avoid these coaching mistakes

Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices
Executive coaching is often viewed with a combination of hope and skepticism. On the one hand, assigning employees a coach seems like an excellent way to provide custom-delivered development opportunities. On the other hand, coaching is often viewed...

Coaching: What Really Works - Members Only
In the old days, coaching carried a bit of a stigma, as it was often directed at problem employees. But today's coachee is more likely viewed as being on the fast track, according to a new AMA/Institute for Corporate Productivity global study....

Coming Soon to a New Media Channel Near You
Web 2.0 is here. Is your company ready for it? This article from the experts at the Institute for Corporate Productivity examines how new technologies are changing the way companies communicate....

Companies Juggle Cost Cutting with Maintaining Competitive Benefits for International Assignments
Mercer surveys multinational organizations to determine how companies are balancing costs and business needs in planning overseas assignments.

Connecting with Nonwired Workers
Dust off those old break-room bulletin boards. Even in the age of Web 2.0, communicating with employees isn't always best done via the computer. The Institute for Corporate Productivity's Jo Averill-Snell explains why....

Consumer-Driven Healthcare 2003 Survey
Consumer-driven healthcare plans are all the rage in trade journals and Websites these days. Pundits predict that these programs, through which consumers, not the company or insurance provider, determine where they will spend their healthcare...

Coping with Holiday Stress at Work
Everyone is familiar with the tension that the holidays can cause at home, but the workplace can be similarly frantic and filled with anxiety during the season. Performance & Profits gift wraps some suggestions for dealing with holiday stress...

Creating Adaptive Organizations
Learn how to live in a fast-changing environment.

Crisis Management & Sceurity Issues
Fewer U.S. companies have crisis management plans in place today than in 2003, an AMA survey shows. In light of the third anniversary of the September 11 attacks, AMA surveyed its members and customers to determine if companies are prepared today to...

Crisis Management and Security Issues 2002 Survey
Business crises come in many forms and can occur any time without notice. So, whether it is an accident, a scandal, an act of nature or a malicious act, organizations recognize that they need to be prepared. Or do they? AMA surveyed 428 Executive...

Crisis Management and Security Issues 2004 Survey
Fewer U.S. companies have crisis management plans in place today than in 2003, an AMA survey shows. In light of the third anniversary of the September 11 attacks, AMA surveyed its members and customers to determine if companies are prepared today to...

C-Suite Hiring Forecast: The Ability to Innovate Will Be Key in 2007
A steady economy and a stronger tech sector have set the stage for an increase in executive hiring. Those execs most in demand will be those who have proven expertise in managing a diverse work force and can innovate most successfully....

Cultivating Effective Corporate Cultures - Members Only
What factors influence corporate culture? And how can businesses develop the kind of culture that fosters productivity and profitability? AMA commissioned a study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity to find out....

Dan Pink Shifts into Drive - Members Only
Daniel H. Pink discusses why classic "carrot and stick" motivation methods no longer apply.

Demand for Analytical Skills to Grow Sharply Over Next Five Years
With the increasing significance of "Big Data" for business today, the demand for analytical skills training is expected to grow sharply over the next five years.

Developing Future Leaders
Will your organization experience a "brain drain" when the baby boomers start retiring in a few years? The answer depends on how committed today's leaders are to developing their successors....

Digitized HR: How Paranoid Should You Be? - Members Only

Disengaged or Dynamic? Personality Testing to Get the Right Hires
Personality testing will increase as companies seek to add engaged employees on their staff.

Diversity: It’s Right, but That Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy
These three best practices from Deloitte & Touche can be used as a blueprint for any organization committed to creating a diverse workplace....

Do People Drive Business? You Bet Your Assets - Members Only
Evidence-Based Human Resources uses analytics to show the link between people management and business performance.

Do Worry, Be Happy
Most of the events in our lives provoke a range of emotions. At a wedding, we might weep while smiling, and at a funeral, we may laugh through our tears. Yet at work, we're usually expected to remain relentlessly upbeat, even if our true feelings are...

Does Your Firm Know What It's Getting from Corporate Giving?
There's a genuine link between volunteerism programs and corporate performance.

Does Your Organization Live Up to Its Values?
Perhaps as a reaction to early 21st century corporate ethics scandals, practically every organization, from "mom and pop" stores to global mega corporations, has a beautifully written statement of values, often framed and prominently displayed...

Economic Conditions 2002 Survey
AMA conducted an online survey of its Executive Members in January and February 2002 to obtain a quick snapshot of how executives were feeling about the state of their organizations and the economy.

Economic Conditions 2003 Survey
American business people are more pessimistic about the U.S. economy than they were one year ago and are anticipating job eliminations, hiring freezes and cutbacks. And more than 60% believe that the conflict in Iraq will have at least a moderate...

Effective Knowledge Transfer Can Help Transform Your Bottom Line
Does your company have a knowledge transfer plan? If not, as baby boomers retire, your business could be at risk....

Effectively Implementing a Blended Learning Approach
Eedo Knowledgeware's white paper presents a comprehensive overview of blended learning, from theoretical framework to best practices, and provides a measured analysis of potential applications. It examines the reasons to adopt a blended learning...

Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance 2007 Survey
From e-mail monitoring and Website blocking to phone tapping and GPS tracking, employers increasingly combine technology with policy to manage productivity and minimize litigation, security, and other risks. That's according to the 2007 Electronic...

E-Mail Rules, Policies and Practices 2003 Survey
More than half of U.S. companies engage in some form of e-mail monitoring of employees and enforce e-mail policies with discipline or other methods. In fact, 22% have terminated an employee for e-mail infractions. Three-fourths of all organizations...

Employee Benefits Show Little Change from 2006
Most benefits remained stable in 2007 from 2006, according to SHRM's latest survey. But some, including automobile allowance/expenses, actually decreased this year....

Employee Retention: Fantasy or Reality
Employee retention is vital to a business's success. Learn why a retention plan might not be the best move, and how to keep your top employees around.

Employers Lack Bench Strength to Sustain High Performance
Companies must prepare for attrition in two key groups: high-performers and employees eligible to retire.

Expatriate Assignments Are on the Rise
International assignments are on the rise, driven by the continuing trend towards globalization, according to a new survey....

Experienced, Mature Workers to Compete with College Students for Internships
Latest survey on recruitment shows companies may be hiring employees with experience as interns.

Facing the Challenge of Stalled Growth
Discover why some previously successful companies suddenly drift, with no evidence of growth.

Faith at Work Is No Longer Taboo
How should a company respond to requests for prayer breakfasts? How about e-mail sign-offs that quote Scripture? These are just two of the challenges presented by the burgeoning "faith-at-work movement." Time will tell whether these issues will...

Few Companies Integrate Management Succession with Strategy
AMA study shows how a succession planning policy fueled a company's business strategy.

Few Organizations Have Confidence in the Effectiveness of Performance Management Programs
Learn the quality of performance management programs today

Find and Retain Top People for Your Small Business - Members Only
In tough economic times, hiring the best talent is especially critical. These seven tips will help you attract and retain the superstars your small business needs to succeed....

Five Tips on Coaching for Emotional Intelligence
If you want to coach others to improve their emotional intelligence, start by improving your own. That's one of the five suggestions offered in this excerpt from Coaching for Emotional Intelligence by leadership and team development expert Bob...

Five Ways to Sabotage Employee Performance Management - Members Only
Compared to some other countries, U.S. organizations' performance management systems aren't doing so well.

Fixing Performance Management
If you're a fan of irony, you'll love this one-performance management systems aren't performing so well. One recent study showed that only 6% of U.S. CEOs believe their organization's performance management (PM) systems are useful. And while...

Focusing on Employee Development Can Improve Retention New
Here are six steps to establish a career development program that helps to improve employee retention.

Forget One-Size-Fits-All HR - Members Only
Small, medium, large, and even global organizations all require different HR structures.

Four Key Practices for Developing Global Leaders
Organizations with global leadership programs are more likely to report higher market performance.

Four Ways to Improve Employee Survey Follow-Up
Tips to ensure organization employee surveys contribute real value for employees and the bottom line.

Futurism: A Growing Business Strategy
People have been trying to predict the future-in every area of endeavor from baseball to business-for years. Now new strategies for envisioning the future, such as computer simulations, provide us with even more sophisticated soothsaying...

Get Your Onboarding Act Together, Pronto - Members Only
Companies must implement effective onboarding programs now, before the demand for managers heats up.

Getting Candidate Referrals for Job Openings
Learn how to ask for a referral.

Getting Engaged...No Ring Required
Are your employees engaged? The Gallup Organization characterizes engaged workers as those who feel a close bond with their employers and who are passionate about their work. Since engaged employees can contribute to improvements in productivity and...

Getting Maximum Value from Consultants - Members Only
Tips to ensure the best ROI for projects that involve outside consultants.

Global Math and Science Education Trends
U.S. schoolchildren's math and science scores don't add up to much, according to a global study. In fact, the longer they stay in school, the worse they perform in math and science....

Good Leadership in Challenging Times
All leaders need to learn how to deliver bad news to employees—and not only in tough times.

Great Expectations, Not So Great Job
Are your employees leaving because their expectations are unfulfilled? In this excerpt from The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, read about eight practices you can adopt to ensure that employees know what they're getting into when they join...

Hang on to Your New Hires
How to retain new and existing employees.

Health and Wellness Programs 2003 Survey
Do corporations have a responsibility to promote wellness among employees? Seventy-one percent of executives say "yes," according to AMA 2003 Survey on Health and Wellness Programs. But less than half of the companies that responded offer educational...

Health and Wellness Programs 2004 Survey
More corporations are doing their part to promote wellness among their employees, according to AMA's 2004 Survey on Health and Wellness Programs. The number of U.S. companies offering educational programs on self-care topics is up in all seven...

Help Put Our Veterans to Work - Members Only
How businesses can help veterans transition to the workforce.

Helping Employees Deal with the High Cost of Getting to Work - Members Only
Savvy companies are adopting creative ways to help employees deal with soaring gas prices: encouraging carpooling, telecommuting, and compressed work weeks and/or offering subsidies such as prepaid gas cards....

Helping Women Opt-in
Once they take a break from the workforce, just 40% of women manage to move back into full-time, professional positions. Employers need to take action to help hold on to these valuable workers....

Hire Fast, Fire Faster
Learn how to best handle HR.

Hire or Train
Historically, there have been two primary choices when it comes to talent: make or buy. The right choice depends on an organization's industry and culture. Either way, businesses need to start planning today to deal with the predicted talent...

Hire the Right People - Members Only
Use Brian Tracy's SWAN formula to make sure the people you hire have the right stuff.

Hiring for Attitude
Mark Murphy points to the importance of attitude in finding and keeping talented workers. t

Hiring from the Outside: Strategies for Hiring Managers
If you're considering a new hire from outside your organization, don't make a move until you read these six strategies for hiring from the outside....

Holding on to the Best and Brightest Young Employees - Members Only
If you're not doing all you can to keep talented young employees from flying the coop, your organization's reputation and productivity will suffer. Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D., provides action steps for keeping the keepers....

Holiday Parties, Version 2008
This holiday season, 77% of employers say, "Party on." But with budgets flat and costs on the rise, employees may have to chow down on Cheez Whiz and pigs in a blanket instead of shrimp and paté. And chances are, your significant other won't be on the...

How Employers Drive Away their Employees
Employee retention strategies from" Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business."

How in the World Can HR Get Global Skills? - Members Only
While multinational firms may ensure that line executives gain global experience, HR leaders must be proactive about acquiring the skills they need to succeed in today's global marketplace....

How the Best Companies Are Using Coaching to Accelerate Workforce Productivity
A new report reveals four key coaching strategies.

How to Avoid the Four Deadliest On-Boarding Mistakes
For new hires, the first few weeks at a company is a sink-or-swim situation, so getting them onboard before they drown is important. Dive into this article for tips on creating a successful onboarding program....

How to Build a Business Case for a Learning Initiative
Aerospace giant Rockwell Collins typified the old-fashioned corporate approach to organizational learning: lackluster offerings in bland classroom settings, with little connection to the needs of employees or the goals of the company. Enter Cliff...

How to Build a High-Performance Organization
There is no one single formula that leads to corporate success, but there are several common characteristics found among many successful organizations. "How to Build a High-Performance Organization," a global study commissioned by AMA and conducted by...

How to Choose Tomorrow’s Leaders
An interview with author John Mattone about talent management.

How to E-N-G-A-G-E Workplace Learners - Members Only
How do people learn best? By becoming ENGAGED with the presenter and the material.

How to Ensure Smooth Sailing by Hiring the Right Crew Members
A bad new hire can be a disaster for a small business. The author of a new book, All Hands on Deck, describes the six types of potential "crew members" you may encounter in business, along with tips on how to handle each one....

How to Hire a Top Performing Salesperson
Ifou need to hire top performing sales staff if you want to increase sales,

How to Hire the Right Person for the Job
Strategies for hiring the best person for the job.

How to Navigate the Sea of "Too Much Information"
TMI (too much information) during a job interview is almost certain to take the discussion off course, away from the real business at hand: whether or not the candidate is suitable for the job....

How to Practice Strategic Diversity Management (SDM)
Here's the first step to bring diversity management to a whole new level-beyond finger-pointing and well-meaning "initiatives" and toward a shared goal of building robust organizations. That first step is to understand "strategic diversity...

How to Prevent Burnout and Improve Productivity
Is your company plagued by high employee turnover? If so, burnout may be a factor. Managers can prevent high employee stress and burnout levels b, using the "C.H.A.R.G.E." system: Challenge, help instill Hardiness, Appreciate, Relax, Goal set and...

How to Use Part-Time Workers to Transform Your Business
Many service companies are successfully applying just-in-time principles from the manufacturing industry-for example, using part-time workers to cover busy periods-to increase productivity and efficiency....

How Would You Grade Your Training Program?
In college, students who have failed to keep up with coursework throughout the semester undergo a ritual as old as education itself: the hallowed ceremony of cramming for a test. With mere hours to learn the subject matter, they frantically try to...

HR Best Practices During Organizational Change
Today's changes are due to the economic crisis. But companies encounter changes at all times. HR executives and other savvy managers have found that the formula for change management hasn't changed over the years-it's communication, agility, problem...

HR Practices
Study after study has shown that when it comes to linking human capital with organizational performance, HR departments are out of synch. It's time for a new model....

HR’s Role in High-Performing Companies - Members Only
HR professionals know that creating a high performing organization requires more than a strong business plan. As the stewards of company culture, it's up to them to help find, develop, and leverage the human capital that will foster a climate of...

I Heard It Through the Grapevine
The rumor mill is alive and well in corporate America. According to a recent survey, nearly half of the respondents said they would put more credence in the company grapevine than in what a corporate leader says. Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., takes a...

If You Want a More Successful Employee Referral Program, Think Experience
Employee referrals can be your company's most effective weapon in the war for talent-but only if you give your employees an experience they'll genuinely want to talk about. Here are some of the best ways to turn your employees into enthusiastic...

If You’ve Got ’em, Keep ’em
As many as three-quarters of U.S. employees claimed in a 2005 survey to be looking-actively or passively-for a new job. Almost half of those workers said they wanted better pay, and 16% told the Society for Human Resource Management and CareerJournal....

Implementing Employee Health Improvement Programs That Work
Employee wellness programs are a timely prescription for companies who want to save money while increasing productivity.

Importance of Leadership 2004 Survey
The "increasingly competitive business environment" was overwhelmingly cited as the top reason leadership is more important than ever in a survey conducted among 225 AMA customers and members. The survey also indicated by a nearly four to one margin,...

In Pursuit of Work/Life Balance
It's an age-old question: Can you succeed in your career and still live a balanced life? Yes, as long as you make a conscious decision to devote time to your social, mental, physical and spiritual needs, in addition to your professional...

Inclusion Measurement: Tracking the Intangible - Members Only
Inclusion is much more difficult to measure than diversity, but it can be measured indirectly, says i4cp.

Information Underload - Members Only
How boosting internal communications can benefit an organization's bottom line.

Innovation by Example - Members Only
Learn these principles of successful corporate innovators.

Interesting Bedfellows: Why a Teaming of HR and Marketing Makes Sense
Brand can no longer be driven solely by Marketing. It demands more cross-functional collaboration. And while HR would seem a strange bedfellow to Marketing, there is much that HR can do to support internal effort to deliver the brand promise. And HR,...

Interview Red Flags and Warning Signs - Members Only
Interviewers of potential employees should watch out for these 12 interview red flags.

Is Multitasking Counterproductive?
You can talk on your cellphone, check your e-mail and schedule a meeting all at the same time, so you must be getting a lot done, right? Not so fast. A substantial amount of research suggests that multitasking actually leads to a decrease in...

Is Your Corporate Culture Toxic?
Five indicators of a toxic corporate culture and how to fix them.

Job Outlook 2003 Survey
More than 60% of business executives believe that their workforce in the U.S. will stay the same or decrease in the year ahead. Only 38% foresee job growth and those that do generally predict modest growth in the 1-5% range. Also noted, internal...

Job Outlook 2004 Survey
More than 60% of business executives believe that their workforce in the U.S. will stay the same or decrease in the year ahead. Only 38% foresee job growth and those that do generally predict modest growth in the 1-5% range. Also noted, internal...

Keys to Mentoring Success - Members Only
While everyone can benefit from the right mentor, not everyone is cut out to be one. Here are some guidelines for creating an effective mentor/mentoree relationship....

Latest Data on Global Pay Practices
A new survey finds that although more multinational organizations are taking a global approach to compensation, that strategy doesn't usually extend beyond executive-level employees....

Latest Worldwide Cost of Living Survey: The U.S. May be a Bargain
What's the most expensive city in the world for expats? Da, it's Moscow, for the third year in a row. Asunción, Paraguay, is the cheapest. And the gap between the most and least expensive cities is growing wider....

Launching High-Potential Employees Toward Leadership - Members Only
Organizations must implement enterprise-wide strategies to develop their high-potential employees, who are its future leaders.

Leadership Challenges Survey
Getting people to work together who have different agendas is among the biggest obstacles facing business leaders today, according to a recent survey conducted by AMA. Sixty percent of executives who responded listed lack of collaboration as one of...

Leadership Performance: Are You Promoting the Right People?
Learn how to make the right hiring decisions.

Leading into the Future
Too often, companies fall victim to the organizational hurdles that keep leadership development programs from being truly top-notch. Lack of measurement tools and rewards systems for leadership behaviors are commonly cited obstacles that corporations...

Let’s Make an I-Deal
Mindbridge Software prides itself on accommodating the needs of its employees. The company really went the extra mile, though, when one of its employees had a baby: Mindbridge outfitted a room in its office so the woman could nurse her infant. Welcome...

Let's Not Let Our Boomers Just Mark Time
Working Longer (AMACOM) by William Rothwell and associates offers seven key elements for training older workers. This is an issue that HR and senior management need to address to cope with the numbers of Baby Boomers who need to continue to work due...

Lifestyle Trade-offs and Careers
AMA surveyed its members and customers to examine the choices employees make that may affect the jobs they take and their career paths. Jobs that demand a lot of risk, have greater responsibility, require long hours and extensive travel or have...

Little Consensus Emerges on Talent Management Strategy
Learn the status of talent strategy within U.S. firms.

Loyalty vs. Ethics: From the White House to the Workplace
When an organization is accused of wrongdoing, which takes precedence-an employee's loyalty to his company, or his desire to do the right thing? As evidenced in former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's new book What Happened, loyalty has...

Make the Best Recruitment Decisions
Learn how to make the best hiring decisions.

Making Employee Orientation Count
Some companies try to "wow" new employees with a t-shirt or other branded memorabilia. But innovative firms are developing programs to take new employee orientation programs way beyond the usual explanations of benefits and mission statements....

Making Sense out of Hiring and Training Older Workers
Learn about the value of hiring and retaining older employees

Manage Performance, Don’t Mangle It - Members Only
Taking the fear out of performance management.

Managing Cultural Diversity
Different cultures can hold widely divergent attitudes on important workplace issues like time management, respect for authority, teamwork and individual responsibility. Here are some strategies to help you create a more efficient and harmonious...

Managing Peter Pan
Experts have identified the latest trend: Workers who, like Peter Pan, just don't want to grow up. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing; their search for passion and meaning may just change the workplace for the better....

Managing Tomorrow Today - Members Only
A look at the past, present, and future state of HR.

Maximizing Training Impact Using Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation
Noted author and training expert, Dr. James Kirkpatrick, shares his wisdom and insight on reinforcing and enriching learning so it is transferred to on-the-job behavior and subsequently to bottom-line contribution and impact. Download White Paper (PDF)

Medical Testing 2004 Survey
Nearly 63% of U.S. companies surveyed require medical testing of current employees or new hires, AMA's 2004 Medical Testing Survey shows. This figure is down from 68% in 2001 and from 70% in 2000, when AMA conducted similar medical testing surveys....

Meeting the Latest HR Challenge: Increased Workforce Mobility
If your organization wants to hire and retain top people, it needs to reevaluate every aspect of the hiring process. Here are some strategies that will help HR professionals and business owners win the talent war....

Mercer Study Shows Workforce Priorities for 2010
A study by Mercer Consulting shows emphasis on realignment of staff and strategic goals for upcoming year.

Message from a Millennial: Why We Are the Way We Are
A Millennial worker defends her generation.

Micromanagement: How to Think More Strategically and Less Operationally
Many new and experienced managers are micromanagers, so absorbed in operational details that they neglect their strategic responsibilities. What is behind micromanagement? If you are too focused on day-to-day pressures to the neglect of strategic...

Mobile Learning: Anywhere, Anytime - Members Only
A look at what's keeping mobile learning from truly taking off, from i4cp.

Mom Corps: A Further Move to Flexible Work Hours
An interview with the founder of Mom Corp, a workforce that offers women an opportunity for flexible work hours.

More Firms Say Competitors Seek to Hire Away Their Talent
Companies losing employees to competitors

More Training in the Four Cs Still Needed
The 2012 survey shows still shortage in skills in critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

Moscow Is Now the World’s Most Expensive City
Hard to believe, but according to the latest Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, Moscow is now the world's most expensive city, usurping the title from Tokyo. If you're looking for a really cheap place to live, try Asuncion in Paraguay-the world's least...

Need Talented Performers? Join the Crowd.
"A company's greatest asset is its people," goes the old axiom. But a new business model is arising that could make that statement obsolete. Whether you call it crowd sourcing, mass collaboration or Wikinomics, it could change the way you think about...

Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again - Members Only
What makes a super salesperson? According to the authors of a new book, Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, "Winning salespeople always share one critical psychological trait, and that characteristic is drive." Drive can't be taught, but you...

New Study Shows More Women Being Sent on International Assignments
Companies in North America now have nearly four times as many women on assignment abroad as they did in 2001. But despite increased opportunities for women executives, only 16% of companies surveyed said most of their female expatriates take a...

New Survey Shows Time's a Wastin'—Workers Goof Off More Than Two Hours a Day
The average worker admits to spending 2.09 hours per day on non-work related activities, mainly on personal Internet use, according to a new AOL/Salary.com survey. Curiously, the insurance industry leads the way, at 2.5 frittering hours per day, per...

Not Everybody’s a Superstar
It's important to recognize the value of reliable workers, not just superstars.

Off Duty but on the Company Radar
Can an employer tell its workers not to engage in legal behaviors when they're off duty? Sometimes, yes. Read on....

Office Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy
Although you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, you also don't want to end up putting your foot in your own mouth during the holidays. Here are tips to help you deal with the inevitable sticky business-etiquette issues of the season....

OMG: The Time to Invest in Millennials Is Now
What organizations can do to make sure millennials receive the training they need to succeed, and eventually, lead.

One in Four U.S. Workers Receives No Paid Vacation
It's shocking but true-the United States is the only advanced economy that does not guarantee workers any paid vacation time. As a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research shows, relying on businesses to voluntarily provide paid...

One Leader-to Go, Please
If only we could order up an executive as easily as we can our morning coffee: one top exec, please, strategy-minded but charismatic, analytical but compassionate, seasoned but with fresh enthusiasm. Alas, such a to-go order is likely to come with a...

One-in-Four Workers Can’t Afford to Take a Vacation, CareerBuilder Survey Finds
CareerBuilders shares a study that shows employees are holding back taking vacation.

Outlook for European Employees in 2007
In Europe, training and development will take priority over pay raises in the coming year, according to a survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. And those employees who will be in highest demand will be people with sales and marketing skills....

Pandemic Preparations
How will businesses worldwide be affected if the worst-case scenario of a bird flu pandemic becomes a reality? Governments around the world are just beginning to prepare for a major pandemic. So far, only about 30 countries have national plans. What...

Partners in Training: The Global Role of Unions
Increasingly, unions serve as useful training partners in some nations, but in others their role is minimal. Human Resource Institute examines unions' roles in training around the globe....

Partying During the Downturn
To party or not to party? For many corporate leaders, that is indeed the question as 2008 limps to a close. In the wake of layoffs and a general climate of belt-tightening, one thing is sure: nobody's partying like it's 1999....

Pay for Performance: Show Me the Money
High performance maintain a strong link between pay and performance.

Paying People to Show Up
The majority of companies use some sort of pay for performance method, but controversy around the practice has begun cropping up over the past few years.

Performance Management: Sticking with What Doesn’t Work
Employee management trends come and go, but everyone agrees that there are no easy answers.

Performance Review Hooey - Members Only
Keith Herring looks at an alternative to the traditional performance review.

Picking the Late Bloomers
Everyone's heard of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers. But according to Human Resource Institute (HRI), companies should pay attention to another, lesser-known group, the "late bloomers." These folks are mid-30s on up, experienced, smart and...

Plato, Competencies, and the Ideal Employee - Members Only
New insights from i4cp about talent competencies.

Playing not to Lose
High-performing companies are already planning for an upcoming war for talent.

Poised for Success
Is your hiring program based on the bipolar model that says potential employees are either "active" (looking for a job) or "passive" (employed and not looking)? If so, you could be missing out on the 70% of employees who don't fit either category. The...

Political Discussions in the Workplace
With a tightly contested and historic presidential election less than a year away, political discussions are expected to heat up at water coolers in offices around the country. But according to American Management Association's Political Discussions...

Political Discussions in the Workplace 2004 Survey
In light of the closely contested presidential election, American Management Association wanted to know how the national politics are affecting executives in the workplace. Forty-five percent of employees surveyed said that their companies have no...

Preventing the Nightmare of Workplace Violence - Members Only
Half of U.S. firms with 1,000 employees or more reported an incident of workplace violence within a 12-month period, according to a 2005 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But about 70% of the establishments surveyed did not have a program or...

Productivity and Office Design: Beyond Feng Shui
Imagine the typical office: drab decor, boring color scheme, sterile lighting. It's not a pretty picture. Nor is it a productive one, at least according to a recent survey conducted by Gensler, an architecture and design firm. The study found that the...

Pulling Your Organization Out of a Dip
Dips in morale for whatever reason need the attention of every manager, plus HR responsibility.

Raising People Value in Downturns
An interview with William A. Schiemann, a specialist in talent management, reveals how leaders can maximize People Equity courtesy of Alignment, Capabilities, and Engagement (ACE). A study of 2,000 companies showed that the higher the ACE score among...

Rally ’Round the Brand Wagon
What can marketing teach HR about recruiting and retaining top talent? Plenty, according to Donna J. Bear of the Institute for Corporate Productivity, who says that HR departments must build a brand as an employer....

Ready or Not, Here They Come!
They don't look like you. They don't think like you. But the Gen Y generation (born between 1984 and 2002) is getting ready to enter the workforce. Is your organization ready for them?...

Recession or Not, Talent Is More Important Than Ever
Vikram Pandit, Citigroup's new CEO, has his hands full dealing with billions of dollars in losses. Yet one of the first things Pandit did after taking the reins was to ramp up Citigroup's talent management efforts. When a multibillion dollar company...

Recession Vacation: Have Fun, but Stay Connected
Fear of layoffs is likely to keep many workers close to home this summer or tied to their cell phones and laptops if they do take a vacation.

Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Veterans - Members Only
Tips on hiring and managing former military personnel, from the author of the book Field Tested.

Reevaluating Corporate Pension Plans - Members Only
Don't expect retiring baby boomers to take the gold watch and retire quietly to a rocking chair when they turn 65. But can employer programs support the boomers' long-term financial security?...

research shows informal learning accounts for over 80% of the learning that takes place in
Learn how social networking can beincorporated into talent management systems.

Retain Employees by Ignoring the Turnover Rate - Members Only
i4cp looks at the relationship between the employee turnover rate and market performance.

Retention before the Fact
The time to start thinking about retention is not as your employees are walking out, but when they're walking in. Many firms have found that making retention a chief consideration in the recruitment process has reduced turnover and improved...

Rev Up Your Company’s Driving Force
What is your company's "driving force"? It's your organization's people, according to Peter W. Schutz, former CEO of Porsche. In his new book, The Driving Force: Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People, Schutz offers ten ways you can change...

Schmooze Your Way to Knowledge Retention - Members Only
How to establish a knowledge transfer plan in your organization.

Secrets of Hiring and Retaining the Right Person—Every Time - Members Only
Tips for correcting the disconnect between employee expectations and the reality of a job.

Share the Know-How, Reduce the Rework
"Putting out fires." "Cleaning up messes." "Practicing damage control." Everyone has his or her favorite euphemism for the all-too-familiar experience of having to salvage a project or task that didn't get done right the first time around. Often, the...

Shifting Performance Management from Pain to Gain
A new study from i4cp examines how high-performing organizations approach performance management.

Should Your Company Offer Sexual Harassment Prevention Training? - Members Only
An employment law attorney explains why the case for sexual harassment prevention training extends way beyond the obvious legal benefits....

Should Your Office Manager Also Handle HR Duties?
An office manager who also covers HR might be considered multitalented. But if the person isn't properly trained, you could be in for some big problems. Here are some criteria that will help you decide....

Social Media Pitfalls for Employers - Members Only
An attorney provides information about social media and employer liability.

Sparking a Dialogue on Diversity - Members Only
Is "unintentional intolerance" alive and well in your organization? It may be, if only Ivy League grads get ahead or if you can count the number of women and people of color in key leadership roles on just one hand. An expert explains how to...

Spotting Exceptional Talent - Members Only
How to hire the superstars and avoid the clunkers.

Strategic Workforce Planning Needs Some Love
How to establish a business case for workforce planning.

Strategies for Dealing with the Challenges and Opportunities of America’s Aging Workforce
Just like the rest of us, the U.S. workforce isn't getting any younger. 17% of American workers will be 55 or older by 2010, with nearly 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day. Savvy organizations are looking for ways to both harness the knowledge...

Succession Planning and Role Clarification
Learn how succession planning and role clarification can help grow your people and companyy.

Summer Vacation Plans 2002 Survey
Despite layoffs and a slow economy, nearly 98 percent of managers plan to take a vacation this summer, but many will remain in contact with the office while away, according to a new AMA survey of 645 business executives.

Summer Vacation Plans 2004 Survey
As signs of the economy continued to improve and hiring appear to be on the upswing, US employees were planning to take more time away from the office compared to 2003. twenty-eight percent of respondents were taking more days off than in 2003. About...

Survey Finds Continued Worker Discontent
Survey shows high worker discontent.

Survey Says: It’s All About the Follow-up - Members Only
Employee surveys are useless without effective follow up.

Survey Shows UK Job Satisfaction and Commitment on the Decline
A recent survey of 1,100 UK workers by Mercer Human Resource Consulting shows that only 64% of respondents are satisfied with their jobs, down 10% since three years ago....

Talent Is All in the Mind
Here's an idea: if you want to boost your employees' development, don't praise their talent. It might sound counter-intuitive, but recent studies have shown that trying to improve performance by praising talent has the opposite effect. Mark Vickers...

Talent Lessons from the NFL Draft
Each April, the National Football League draft captivates the attention of sports fans around the country with endless scrutiny of each team's picks and heated discussions about which player will have the most impact. What can the draft teach your...

Talent Management Metrics Gets an F
Only about a quarter of companies surveyed by i4cp have systematic talent management practices in place.

Telecommuting: Solid Ammunition but No Silver Bullet
Advocates of telecommuting see it as a way to boost productivity and employee retention while cutting operations costs. The tricky part is knowing when and how to implement flexible work arrangement programs....

Temp Works!
Learn how to successfully hire short-term help.

Temporary Is the New Permanent: Are You Ready?
Research from i4cp shows that temporary workers will play a key role in the recovery.

Ten Employee Training Tips for Small Businesses - Members Only
Providing excellent, appropriate training for employees is a win-win for any small business owner. Here are 10 tips to help you launch an employee training program, from allbusiness.com...

Ten Interview Questions That Could Get You into Hot Water
When you're interviewing a prospective employee, the most innocent question-such as "Where were you born?"-can be misinterpreted as an act of discrimination. Here are 10 questions to avoid, from The Hiring and Firing Question and Answer Book....

Ten Pitfalls of Pitiful Meetings—and How to Fix Them
Learning how to run a meeting well ensures a productive session for all.

Ten Steps to Supercharge Performance Management
How high performing organizations make performance management work.

Ten Ways That Take the "Success" Out of Succession Planning
How would you rate and evaluate the succession plan outlined for your company? Many executives and managers alike, question the effectiveness of their firm's program. As a leader, you have a responsibility for your organization's long-term success....

Thanksgiving at Work
Thanksgiving is a time to be appreciative of things in your life. The AMA asked people what they were thankful for at work, and here's what they said.

The #1 Myth about Generation Y
Generation Y's sense of loyalty to the organization is not the same as that of Generation X or the Baby Boomers.

The (Civil) War for Talent
By now, you've probably heard all about the war for talent-the workforce crisis resulting from the retirement of Baby Boomers, the scarcity of highly skilled younger workers, and so forth. But there's also a war for talent that's taking place within...

The ABCs of Business
While there's no denying the value of a sound formal education, there are some key business skills that must be learned outside of the classroom. Former astronaut Winston Scott discusses the importance of ongoing learning for both employees and...

The Acid Test for Employee Engagement - Members Only
Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. offers tips to help engage employees as part of a "we" culture, instead of a "they" culture.

The Bad Business of Bickering Managers - Members Only
Strategies for dealing with senior managers who can't get along.

The Best Practices Debate
When organizations want to know how they stack up against others, often, the first thing they look to is a "best practices" report. But how much do such reports really tell us? The Human Resource Institute's Mark Vickers considers the pros and cons of...

The Carrot and the Stick: It’s All about the Carrot
When compensation budgets are limited, organizations have to get creative with their rewards systems to retain employees and recognize top performers. When done well, such efforts can become a valuable tool. The best rewards systems do not take a...

The Difference Between Heaven and Hell
How to build cooperation between departments within an organization.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Performance Reviews
Performance reviews can be an effective tool for motivating employees. Here are tips on avoiding common mistakes in evaluations to ensure peak performance.

The Ethical Enterprise
If you think business ethics is crucial in today's scandal-ridden era, then just wait a few years. The reasons for conducting business in an ethical manner are only going to get more compelling-as well as more complex-during the next decade. That's...

The Fix for Your Failing Leadership Development Program
How to fix corporate leadership development programs.

The Gamification of Organizational Learning
Research shows that gamification can be an effective way to supplement instruction and reinforce skills.

The Happiness Factor
Money can't buy happiness, but it sure is expensive to be miserable. Research indicates that happiness accounts for 10% to 25% of the difference in performance between happy and unhappy workers. So much lost productivity is bound to put a frown on...

The HR Confidentiality Conundrum - Members Only
As the guardian of confidential employee information, HR is sometimes viewed as being unduly secretive and suspicious. The challenge is finding the fine balance between transparency and confidentiality....

The Human Capital Scorecard
Companies have always analyzed the ROI for fixed capital. More recently, they are beginning to look at the real assets of an organization-their people. To begin measuring the HR effort within your organization, you can apply the same thinking behind...

The Iffy Intern Experience
Ideally, an internship should pay off for the student and the hosting organization, giving each an opportunity to "try each other on for size." But not all internships are created equal-and there's much room for improvement, both in the U.S. and...

The Importance of High-Impact Succession Planning
Your goals must be clear if you want to take succession planning seriously. In order to create a talent pipeline to meet emerging leadership needs, it's important to tie performance and potential together. This will enable you to fill critical...

The Invisible Employee
With Halloween just around the corner, here's a scary management story: there are terrifying, unseen creatures lurking in your workplace. And like the undead in a B-horror movie, they threaten to sap the life force from everyone they meet. The...

The Keys to Strategy Execution
The single greatest barrier to strategy execution is a lack of adequate resources. Not only does the proper allocation of resources increase a strategy's chances of success, it's a clear sign from leadership that the strategy is viewed as a high...

The Latest on Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance
It's a wired, wired world-and employees are being monitored in ways that George Orwell couldn't have imagined when he wrote his classic novel 1984. As the latest AMA/ePolicy Institute survey shows, "Big Brother" is definitely watching us....

The Make or Buy Decision
Should your organization grow its leadership from within, or acquire it from without? Each tactic has its advantages and disadvantages, according to Robert Barner, author of Bench Strength. Here, Barner explains the factors organizations should...

The Millennials
Economic uncertainty today shouldn't distract us from other business issues, like that of talent management with its longer-term implications. So it is critical to look at the findings of a survey by Career Systems International on the 17–28 year olds...

The More Things Change...
A lot has changed in 20 years, and yet many things have remained remarkably constant. This includes a lot of the top priorities of HR professionals and other managers, as an analysis of the latest data from i4cp's 2007/2008 Major Issues Survey...

The Myth of Generational Differences in the Workplace
The idea of generational differences have prevailed throughout time. Jennifer Deal researched the topic and explains why that idea is an outdated myth.

The Next Transformation of Work
Princeton Universityeconomist Alan S. Blinder believes a lot more jobs may be moved offshore. But other experts predict that the dramatic cost advantages of offshoring are likely to be temporary. HRI looks at the many implications of this so-called...

The Organizational Cost of Office Politics
Much of the attention given office politics focuses on the impact it has on individuals. Little attention is given to the corporate cost despite the high cost it can have on the quality of individual productivity, the quality of decision making or the...

The Performance Paradox: When Less Is More
The more fixated on your goal you become, the greater your chance of success, right? Yes, but only to a certain extent. It turns out that when people are too fixated on the future, their creativity and overall performance actually diminish....

The Personality-Productivity Connection
Finding the right person for the job-and the right job for the person-is one of the most important keys to productivity. Todd Harris, Director of Research for PI Worldwide, explains how personality assessment tests can help you make the connection....

The Platinum Skill of Giving Feedback
To get the most from your staff members, you must provide feedback. There are wrong ways to do this that will do nothing to improve performance-they may confuse staff members or encourage worse performance. On the other hand, there are ways to provide...

The Promises and Perils of Managing Gen Y
Learn how to better work with Generation Ys

The ROI of Blended Learning: An Interview with Karen Peters and William J. Rothwell
There is much talk about blended learning today-and with cause. It has been found that those individuals who learn with the help of blended learning learn more quickly and more effectively. Performance & Profits interviewed training experts Dr....

The State of Salary Budgets and Performance Rewards
Many companies are facing a dilemma in 2006. They have to attract top professionals despite the ongoing battle of hiring talented individuals. This struggle includes rewarding and retaining the company's current top performers despite its tight salary...

The Swan Formula
Learn the Swan Formula to perfect job interviews.

The Three Stages of Your Career
Learn the differences between doers, managers, and leaders

The Top 10 Talent Lessons of 2010 - Members Only
i4cp's roundup of research on corporate performance from 2010.

The Trouble with Promotions
Being promoted is a good thing, right? Not always, says Bruce Katcher, Ph.D. The person who is promoted must renegotiate relationships with his or her peers, former supervisor, and new supervisor. And it's quite possible that not everyone will be...

The Truth About Safety Incentive Programs
How effective is your company's safety incentive program? If the results are underwhelming, you may get a bigger return on investment by concentrating on personal responsibility instead of monetary incentives....

The Value of a Learning Culture
Learning is directly correlated to employment engagement, and it is up to leaders to embrace their roles as learning advisors.

The Virtues of Informal Learning
Learning comes in many different ways, and not all of them happen in the classroom. In this article, the Human Resources Institute's Jo Averill-Snell reviews the practice of informal learning and finds that some of the most powerful learning takes...

The World’s Happiest Countries
According to the latest research from London's Cass Business School, the "happiest" countries aren't those with booming economies or the highest per capita income. In fact, prosperous Japan is the unhappiest country in the world. Why? People aren't...

Thou Shalt Not Poach Competitors' Talent…or Maybe Thou Shalt!
Internal corporate recruiters are adopting more aggressive, headhunter-type strategies.

Three Myths of the Mind That Sabotage Even the Most Motivated Achievers
Three myths need to be put aside to make better use ofyour brain.

Time to Get Serious About Improving Morale
The success of any business depends on employees who remain motivated and engaged.

To Hire or Not to Hire the Overqualified: That Is the Question - Members Only
Weighing the benefits and risks of hiring overqualified applicants.

To Keep Your Best Workers, Let ’em Leave
Sabbaticals-they're not just for professors anymore. A growing number of organizations are offering employees the chance to take extended leaves of absence to pursue personal interests. In return, the employer gains goodwill and prevents burnout. The...

Today's Economy Requires a Skilled, Motivated Workforce
In tough economic times, executives and managers are tempted to cut budgets in a number of places--including training. Too often, as in the case of training, the decision to eliminate money is short-term thinking. The economy will improve, and...

Top 10 E-mail Mistakes
Everybody loves e-mail: it's so fast and efficient. But never forget that an e-mail message still means business. And failure to follow proper "netiquette" guidelines can be hazardous to your career....

Top 10 Retirement, Health, and Welfare Benefit Challenges
Multinational employers may operate in diverse economies around the world, but they face certain common global human resource challenges-chief among them the changing concept of retirement and the continuing rise in the cost of health care, according...

Top Five Strategies for Talent Management
Learn how to apply talent management strategically

Turn Your Organization into a "Talent Magnet"
It takes more than a generous benefits package and competitive salaries to attract and retain talented employees today. Savvy HR managers make sure they identify, and then address, the core needs of the people they want to attract....

Turning Job Applicants (Even the Ones You Don't Hire) into Brand Ambassadors

Vacation, No Vacation, or Work-ation?
Many American workers don't use all of their vacation days and those who do take a vacation may not leave the office behind.

Wake Up, America: The Alarming Realities of Today’s Reverse Brain Drain
Once a haven for the brightest scientific and technical minds in the world, the U.S. is now seeing its foreign-born professionals-many of them highly talented techies-hotfoot it back to their native lands at the shocking rate of up to 1,000 per day....

Wal-Mart’s Culture Shock
Wal-Mart stunned the advertising industry when it parted ways with its senior vice president of marketing communications last month amid allegations of personal and professional misconduct. Perhaps the former rising star's most serious crime, however,...

Want Different Results? Do Something Different
The best way to reduce the staggering costs of leadership turnover is to improve the selection process.

We’ve Got Your Business Case for Learning Right Here
New evidence links learning to business success.

Wellness Programs: Remedy or Risk? - Members Only
Employee wellness programs are a win/win, right? True, they help employers cut costs and provide healthful benefits for workers, but government regulations and privacy issues raise some tricky questions....

What Employers Must Do NOW to Drive and Sustain High Performance - Members Only
A new AMA i4cp study shows many organizations are ill prepared to deal with coming talent shortages.

What to Do When an Employee Is Listed as a Sex Offender on a Megan’s Law Registry
It's almost unthinkable-you find out that someone on your staff is a convicted sex offender. Your instincts might tell you to react in one way, but you also have an obligation to act in a manner that is both legal and in accordance with your...

When Employees Fail: Management Is Often to Blame - Members Only
If employees consistently fail in certain positions, maybe it’s management’s fault.

When Measurement Goes Bad
Measurement has the potential to be a very powerful, highly functional, and extremely positive force in organizations and for their employees. Unfortunately, when used poorly, not only does it not live up to its positive promise, but performance...

White Men Can’t Lead (Everyone)
The author of a new book, Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age, explains how leaders can embrace a more multicultural approach to lead an increasingly diverse workforce....

Who Will Succeed?
Savvy leaders get it: the fate of an organization depends on its ability to recruit, retain, and, when necessary, replace talent. But how do you determine which employees are most likely to soar and which may be doomed to crash and burn? In his new...

Who's Afraid of the "M" Word?
Motherhood may be the oldest and noblest profession, but for many businesses, it's a four-letter word. Here's an overview of the bias against working mothers, along with some steps organizations can take to improve employee recruitment, retention and...

Why Cross-Cultural Training Could Be a Waste of Money
Do executives and managers need to learnhow towork abroad.

Why Engagement Matters—More than Ever - Members Only
Moving employees from giving merely what's expected to performing above and beyond.

Why Getting the Best from Your Employees Starts with Frontline Leadership
To fully utilize your team’s potential, the people in charge have to be great leaders. See how great frontline leadership can empower your team to success.

Why Managers Should Care About Employee Loyalty

Why They Leave
Learn the conclusions of a study of ten reasons why employees are leaving jobs.

Why Vacations Drive Better Business Results
A case is made for taking vacations even in today's recessionary times.

Will Your Organization Survive the Coming Talent Shortage?
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a shortfall of 10 million workers by the year 2010. Here's what your organization should be doing today to prepare....

Wise Up
The hidden wisdom stored in your organization can represent a potential source of innovative ideas and breakthrough insights. Steve Benton and Melissa Giovagnoli show you how to tap this valuable resource in an excerpt from AMACOM's The Wisdom...

Work Groups Can Train Each Other
Here are three techniques you can use to train team members.

Workplace Dating 2003 Survey
Most organizations do not have a written policy on employee dating, but workplace dating is widely practiced throughout American business. In fact, two-thirds of managers and executives say it's okay to date someone from work and 30% have done so.

Workplace E-Mail and Instant Messaging 2004 Survey
One in five U.S. companies (20%) has had employee e-mail subpoenaed in the course of a lawsuit or regulatory investigation, up from 14% in 2003. Another 13% have battled workplace lawsuits triggered by employee e-mail. That's according to the 2004...

Workplace More Stressful Since Recession
Study by Manpower Group suggests stress has grown throughout the recession.

Younger Boss/Older Worker
Advice for managers who are younger than the people they supervise.

Your Best Employees Are Going to Leave You
High performing organizations devise metrics to track employee attrition.

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