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Online Learning Certificates offer individualized training with a dedicated professional coach, helping learners to implement behavioral change or skills acquisition into their daily life. At the end of the course, upon the coach’s validation, the learner will receive an AMA Certificate validating that he or she has mastered the targeted competency. There are 44 certificates for both managers (26) and employees (18), focusing on a wide range of themes such as management, finance, professional development, sales and communication.

Online training

Learners follow training sessions, which include a set of tools to help them achieve their learning objectives. Each training unit is immediately followed by practical application to a real-life situation, thereby maximizing both motivation and retention.

Application in real-life situation

Learners prepare to implement acquired skills by using preparation and analysis support documents. This allows them to immediately apply concepts to real-world situations, thereby optimizing the learning benefits.

Feedback and coaching

Participants receive feedback focusing on best practices and areas for improvement. They interact with their coach, who helps them progress with a consultative approach of questioning and practical advice. The coach-learner interaction guarantees the retention of newly acquired skills.

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