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My Management TV is a powerful tool for sharing strategy and knowledge via state-of-the-art video. With this portal, you can inspire your staff to improve their day-to-day decisions by exposing them to the advice of internationally acclaimed experts. It’s also very simple to publish your own videos. Your staff will be introduced to new ways of thinking and examples of best practices.


My Management TV features over 200 online videos of experts who guide your staff in their everyday business practices. Customizable email campaigns draw learners’ attention to specific content that addresses issues faced by your organization, with emails sent at times chosen by you.


These videos focus on key corporate themes such as leadership, strategy, creating value and developing talented people, and they represent a rich repository of best practices.


The portal is based on the web technology. Users can respond to content by making notes and comments, sharing content with their peers, and making suggestions. My Management TV also allows you to publish your own content.

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