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My Management TV is a powerful tool for sharing strategy and knowledge via state-of-the-art video. With this portal, you can inspire your staff to improve their day-to-day decisions by exposing them to the advice of internationally acclaimed experts. It’s also very simple to publish your own videos. Your staff will be introduced to new ways of thinking and examples of best practices.

Video makes for a memorable learning experience

  • It grabs learners’ attention: Videos are based on storytelling, making it appealing to learners.
  • Learners find it easy to retain and apply what they’ve learned: They are more likely to adopt the concepts because of the authenticity of the accounts and the high profile of the speakers.
  • Learners can do just-in-time training: The videos are no longer than 5 minutes and can fit into any schedule, no matter how busy it is.

A Genuine Learning Community

My Management TV can be accessed from tablets or smartphones (iPad and iPhone IOS 5 and Android 2.3), in addition to a PC.

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