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AMA On Demand is a fully integrated turnkey solution designed to optimize distance and blended learning integration within your organization’s skills development initiatives. This solution leverages new learning technologies and enhances the flexibility and scope of your training programs.

Key features

  • A complete solution for high-performance blended learning initiatives: highly effective course structure (different learning scenarios can alternate within each training module)
  • Learner-centric course design: by combining intuitive user features with sophisticated design, the interface ensures high connection rates and learner loyalty
  • High interactivity: a powerful email notification and learner management engine enables highly effective marketing initiatives
  • A quality design and ergonomics inspired by web standards —Multiple graphic options offer the ability to recreate specific environments, and a wide variety of widgets allow highly customized designs of the learner portal

Putting Exchange at the Heart of Learning Paths

My Discussions is a powerful microblogging tool inspired by social networks and adapted for the learning sphere. AMA On Demand is the only solution on the market enabling learner exchange within the training course.

By allowing learners to exchange with their peers and the trainer throughout the duration of the training, My Discussions reduces the feeling of isolation outside the traditional training environment.

My Discussions empowers trainers to maintain direct contact with learners and to moderate and facilitate group discussions from a distance

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