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The Blended Learning Solution

See how blending live, expert-led AMA seminars with the power and flexibilty of web creates a smarter way to learn.

Whether you're seeking to expand your own individual skills to better contribute to organizational goals, or you want to expand the skills of an entire workforce, let us show you all the ways AMA Blended Learning can provide the ideal learning solution for your needs

Access Blended Learning

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How it Works

Prior to the live seminar, on-line pre-seminar materials prepare and align the individual for learning through an assessment of subject knowledge and the creation of a targeted learning plan.

2 Live Interaction
Instructor-led seminar. The bulk of new learning is acquired during a live seminar led by an Instructor who is an expert in the field. During this phase, learners will refer to and apply the results and learning plan they developed in the pre-seminar course work.

3 Put into action
After live training has concluded,participants complete an on-line post-seminar assessment to measure what they've learned — any remaining knowledge gaps identified in the post-seminar knowledge assessment are eliminated with targeted online tune-up courses.