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AMA Enterprise Offers Critical Thinking Seminar for Government Organizations

Contact:Jennifer Jones
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ARLINGTON, VA 8/17/2012

August 17, 2012—The American Management Association (AMA) Enterprise Government Solutions, the global leader of talent transformation dedicated to providing workplace learning for government organizations, has announced they are offering a Critical Thinking seminar for government organizations, aimed at helping government leaders develop  the critical thinking skills necessary to tackle the unique challenges facing government.

Critical thinking is a cornerstone of leadership development, crucial to helping government organizations retain the leaders they need to stay strong and viable. The Critical Thinking seminar will help government employees discover how critical thinking allows you to challenge old assumptions and rethink conventional approaches in the context of today’s realities, and provides tool and tips on applying critical thinking in the government workplace.

“The Critical Thinking for Government seminar will help participants enhance their thinking processes to achieve better results,” said Sam Davis, Vice President, AMA Enterprise Government Solutions.

Critical thinking is a key skill in today’s government environment; this seminar provides attendees with a roadmap for developing their critical thinking skills. The seminar also covers translating an abstract idea into a tangible action in order to drive results, and examining problems from multiple perspectives to minimize biases you may bring to a situation. To learn more about the Critical Thinking seminar, as well as other government offerings, please visit www.amanet.org.

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With more than 85 years of experience and headquartered in New York, American Management Association (www.amanet.org) is a global leader of comprehensive talent development.  AMA Enterprise, a specialized division of AMA dedicated to building corporate and government solutions, transforms enterprise-wide talent to fuel a culture of innovation, high performance and optimal business results. For more information on AMA Enterprise Government Solutions please visit www.amaenterprise.org/gov.
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