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American Management Association Survey Shows Sexual Harassment is Pervasive in Many Industries

Contact:Fred Bona, The Dilenschneider Group
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NEW YORK 12/20/2017

More than one in every three business professionals (38%) have been victims of sexual harassment, a survey just released by the American Management Association (AMA) showed. This may serve as an indication that we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. 3,222 respondents answered the survey just conducted by this global leader in professional development.

Other findings of the survey were:

  • The alarming results became apparent despite more than 90 percent of the firms responding indicating that they have a sexual harassment policy. However, more than a third of all respondents (36%) said they felt their workplaces suffered from sexual harassment. A clear indication that practice is trumping policy.
  • Almost half of those answering the survey (47%) said that they had witnessed acts of sexual harassment, while a third (38%) answered that they were the direct victims.
  • One in every five respondents did not feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment.

In announcing the results of this survey, Manny Avramidis, President and Chief Executive Officer of the AMA said: “Sexual harassment is a real issue in our society and the business community across the board is no exception. What’s most important is for organizations to maintain or in some cases create a workplace environment that is fair for all. A workplace that responds to sexual harassment allegations in a swift and responsible manner. AMA has been helping organizations address this challenge for decades. There are many organizations that have taken proactive steps, while there are others with unique situations that require immediate attention. Judging by the survey results, Corporate America has some work to do.”

Avramidis was appointed president and CEO of the AMA in June, 2017, after a career in human resources during which he helped companies cope with sexual harassment.

The AMA survey was conducted over the past week. Both male and female respondents represented a wide array of industries throughout the U.S.

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