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AMA Expands Blended-Learning Opportunities by Offering Virtual Sessions and Online Communities for Seminar Participants

target=_blank>American Management Association (AMA), a world leader in talent development and performance-based learning solutions, has incorporated the latest technology to offer Virtual Sessions and Online Communities to extend and reinforce learning beyond the classroom. These new programs support AMA’s instructor-led, classroom seminar experience and further expand its target=_blank>blended-learning platform.

“We’ve had great success with coupling Virtual Sessions with AMA’s customized on-site seminars and we are looking forward to launching our first public seminar programs this spring that combine classroom and online sessions. Our obligation as an educational organization is to provide the best mix of content and delivery formats to support the kind of change our customers trust us to provide,” said Pat Leonard, AMA’s executive vice president for U.S. Management Education.

“The complement of Virtual Sessions to the classroom experience allows for a multi-touch reinforcement to support the learning process and assure the newly acquired knowledge is applied back on the job. This moves the ‘classroom lab’ into the ‘workplace lab,’ where it can help the learner apply newfound insight and skills to real-life situations back at work,” Leonard said.

Virtual Sessions

AMA’s Virtual Sessions are live, collaborative and interactive meetings held online that are designed to bring together groups of seminar participants in real time before and after the live classroom learning experience. Used prior to the seminar, the Virtual Session can help participants prepare for the upcoming live seminar or include assignments to be covered during the classroom training. Following the live seminar, AMA’s Virtual Sessions provide an opportunity for the instructor to review and reinforce the seminar’s most challenging material, approach it from a new perspective and include fresh examples and supporting content. It also allows participants to share their experiences and learn new approaches to apply what was learned in the classroom to the real life challenges on the job.

AMA’s Virtual Sessions are delivered via Adobe Connect Pro, an innovative webcasting tool that participants can access from a home or office computer. It extends the learning and brings it directly into the workplace. AMA’s blended learning offers the widest selection of tools to prepare for, learn and follow up to the classroom training.

Online Communities

AMA’s Online Communities are a dynamic, collaborative virtual environment where seminar participants can share information with other seminar participants. Following the instructor-led classroom experience, the learning can continue with seminar participants staying connected with their peer to peer session network through online discussions and may access additional content from AMA and other leading experts on their seminar topic. The Online Community provides access to timely articles from noted thought leaders, as well as other valuable resources, including blogs, discussion groups, news, book reviews, and an “ask the experts” feature.

AMA’s new Virtual Sessions and Online Communities complement its blended-learning platform. AMA’s blended-learning seminars contain other valuable resources, tools and tips to help participants increase their knowledge and problem-solving abilities. They also include pre- and post-seminar assessments enabling companies and individuals to evaluate progress, quantify knowledge transfer and measure the return on learning of their training investment.

AMA’s new Virtual Sessions and Online Communities are available for all customized on-site seminars and will be available to select open-enrollment programs in the spring. For more information about AMA’s blended-learning platform, including online demonstrations, visit target=_blank>www.amanet.org/blended/

AMA offers more than 170 target=_blank>seminars in general management, interpersonal skills, project management, communication skills, human resources, sales, marketing, leadership and finance. Programs are offered at all levels, from CEOs and senior executives to new managers and administrative professionals. Business professionals with real-world experience facilitate AMA programs and use practical, action-oriented content that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

About AMA
target=_blank>American Management Association is a world leader in talent development, advancing the skills of individuals to drive business success. AMA’s approach to improving performance combines experiential learning—learning through doing—with opportunities for ongoing professional growth at every step of one’s career journey. AMA supports the goals of individuals and organizations through a complete range of products and services, including target=_blank>seminars, conferences, Webcasts and podcasts, target=_blank>corporate and target=_blank>government solutions, target=_blank>books and research. Organizations worldwide, including the majority of the Fortune 500, turn to AMA as their trusted partner in professional development and draw upon its experience to enhance skills, abilities and knowledge with noticeable results from day one. For more information visit target=_blank>http://www.amanet.org/.

AMA is one of the most widely recognized leaders in business training, having provided corporate training solutions for over 95 years. From leadership, communication and managerial training to sales, customer service and analytical skills, AMA has developed a vast array of content and training solutions to help individuals and organizations achieve business results . Each year, AMA delivers thousands of seminars and courses across the United States. With courses offered in a  classroom near you or live online, AMA is a flexible, convenient resource for all of your organization's talent development needs. AMA also offers customized solutions based on your specific talent development requirements.