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Companies Concede They Break Promises to Employees


New York 3/4/2015

Alienated Workers Found to Harm Customer Satisfaction

Fifty-seven percent of companies concede they have not always kept commitments to employees, according to findings of a global survey of more than 1,300 organizations by American Management Association (AMA). By comparison, only 33% admit failing to keep promises made to customers.

“Companies may feel free to concentrate on customers, while at the same time taking employees for granted,” said Sam Davis, Vice President of AMA’s corporate sales. “But our research found a strong correlation between keeping commitments to workers and to customers. As a rule, companies committed to their workforce also score higher on customer focus and satisfaction. In fact, these qualities tend to distinguish successful companies from their competitors.”

The findings are based on AMA’s Customer-Focused Workforce Survey,whichexplores the relationship among factors such as promises kept to employees, promises kept to customers, and overall customer satisfaction.

Davis observed that, in most sectors, employees are in direct contact with customers.
“They’re on the front lines, and if they don’t have a genuine customer focus, the business is going to suffer. Effective marketing is built on a strong bond with employees who deliver the products and services.”

For so many organizations to knowingly fail their employees is disappointing as well as self-defeating, believes Davis. “The research suggests that when companies take employees for granted, they’re risking more than alienated workers or high turnover. They’re also going to undermine their relationship with customers and patrons and even harm their brand. And brand loyalty is lower than it used to be with consumers willing to shift allegiances with little hesitation.”

Some 1,333 business leaders and professionals worldwide responded to the survey, which was conducted on AMA‘s behalf by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp). The data gathered reflects high participation from organizations with workforces of 1,000 or greater.

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