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Finance and Accounting Solutions

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Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Acquire essential finance skills in 2 days

AMA’s Advanced Financial Forecasting and Modeling Workshop Classroom Seminars Live Online Seminars Onsite Seminars
Build more powerful and more accurate forecasting models to better analyze financial data, predict revenues and costs, assess risks—and justify critical business decisions.

AMA’s Comprehensive Budgeting Workshop Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Learn about accurate operating budgets to help your company achieve business goals.

AMA’s Course on Financial Analysis Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Increase the value of your organization.

AMA’s Course on Mergers and Acquisitions Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
You’ll cover all the crucial elements that can make or break a merger or acquisition…“preview” the types of problems you’re likely to encounter…and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in mergers and acquisitions.

AMA’s Finance Workshop for Non-Financial Executives Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
From finance basics to understanding the essence of cash flow to corporate value creation, this comprehensive training program covers all aspects of corporate finance.

Financial Forecasting Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Strengthen your forecasting skills to analyze financial data and develop robust forecasts.

Fixed Asset Management Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Drive the return on your company’s fixed assets.

Fundamentals of Cost Accounting Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Get inventory costs right.

How to Speak Accounting Express Skills Series Seminars
Where are they getting those numbers? If you've ever asked that question, you need Accounting 101!

The Strategic Controller: Adding Value to Your Organization Classroom Seminars Onsite Seminars
Get skills to effectively meet the increasing demands of the controller’s role

Web Events

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting - Free Seminar Preview -- Apr-24-2019 Webcasts
Understanding the "Numbers Side" of Business

5 Ways to Grow Your Business in a Slowing Economy -- On-Demand Webcasts
In this interactive Webcast you’ll discover a number of proven strategies to effectively monetize existing company assets.

7 Secrets of Financial Statement Analysis -- On-Demand Webcasts
Quick tips for reviewing the most critical numbers on your financial statements

AMA’s Checklist: How to Evaluate Your Company’s Global Initiative -- On-Demand Webcasts
A Blueprint for Global Expansion

Consolidations: How the New Guidance Impacts Your Company -- On-Demand Webcasts
Make certain you’re in compliance with FAS 141(R) and FAS 160

Discover How to Spot Winning Acquisition Targets! -- On-Demand Webcasts
If you’re asking "How can we generate growth?" then this exciting, free Webcast is the most productive and eye-opening Web event you’ll attend this year!

How to Develop and Implement a New Business Model -- On-Demand Webcasts
What to do when your current business model is at the end of its lifecycle

How to Read Financial Statements -- On-Demand Webcasts
Understanding Financial Statements and Using Them to Make Sound Financial Decisions

How to Read Financial Statements -- On-Demand Webinars
Understanding Financial Statements and Using Them to Make Sound Decisions

The Education of a Value Investor -- On-Demand Webcasts
The Essence of Personal and Professional Growth in Finance and In Life

Valuation Intelligence: Insider Insights into a Company's True Worth -- On-Demand Webcasts
Secrets to Making Sound Valuation-Based Decisions


Adam Gordon on Being Future Savvy
In order to succeed in their industries, decision-makers today need to anticipate the future outcomes not only in their own industry but also in society and technology as well. Futures analyst Adam Gordon has spent a lifetime deciphering changes and...

Dawn Fotopulos and How to Get Comfortable with Accounting
How to manage your own accounting and get your business back on track.

Jonathan Byrnes on Focusing on the Profits, Not the Losses
Jonathan Byrnes on how to stay positive and think about your profitable workers first.

Marvin Davis on a Take No Prisoners Approach to Excellence
Now more than ever, American companies are experiencing a nagging feeling that they could be doing much better. Globalization, digitization, and the development of cellular technology have increased competition by leaps and bounds. As a consequence...

Paul Carroll on Learning from the Worst Business Failures
The current conventional wisdom in the business world holds that execution is the key to a successful business strategy. Many experts have gone so far as to say that execution is more important than strategy. But, according to Paul Carroll, the...

Paul Krugman on Staring Down Depression Economics
A Nobel-Prize winning economist and New York Times columnist gives his insights on the current economic crisis.

Rick Rickertsen on Selling Your Business Your Way
In his new book Sell Your Business Your Way: Getting Out, Getting Rich, and Getting On With Your Life (AMACOM Books), Rick Rickertsen walks readers through the entire process of selling, from valuation and preparing the business for sale to finding a...

Articles & White Papers

3 Financial Acumen Skills You Don’t Want to Ignore

Before You Retire
Don't even think about handing in your retirement papers until you ask and answer three key questions, beginning with "How am I going to pay my bills now that I am no longer receiving a salary?"...

Budgeting Demystified - Members Only
A quick intro to the world of budgeting from AMA’s best-selling seminar “Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers."

Building a Bench of Financial Talent
Developing financial talent is a must. Learn how to go about this.

Checklist for the 21st-Century CFO
Few business roles have changed during the last decade as dramatically as that of the CFO. Formerly viewed as accountants focused on budgets and taxes, today's CFOs are business generalists involved in improving performance across the organization....

Companies Juggle Cost Cutting with Maintaining Competitive Benefits for International Assignments
Mercer surveys multinational organizations to determine how companies are balancing costs and business needs in planning overseas assignments.

Create Your Own Stimulus Plan
Here's a three-step plan to increase the bottom line: simplifying, streamlining, optimizing.

Cutting Health-Care Expenses, Incentivizing Employees
Bobby Hotaling tells how his company helped a client save on health care costs.

Disconnect Between Overall Economic and Personal Financial Outlooks
Latest survey from Mercer on relationship between economy and financial outlook.

Do You Speak Accounting?
Like a foreign language, learning the basics of accounting is a great career booster.

Facing the Challenge of Stalled Growth
Discover why some previously successful companies suddenly drift, with no evidence of growth.

Finance for Nonfinancial Managers
For managers to be successful in their jobs and be key influencers, they need to understand and apply the basics of finance and accounting, including financial reporting and analysis, budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Here are a few tips on how...

Guidelines for Budgeting
Here are some guidelines the next time you begin corporate budgeting.

How to Drive Growth and Profit in a Recession
It won't be a surprise that next year will be a tough year for businesses. However, it may be a surprise that even in a recession you can grow your business's bottom line with the practice of certain steps. Print the list here and hang it on your wall...

Intro to Accounting: A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way
A few basic accounting concepts, adapted from AMA's seminar Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Administrative Professionals.

M&As in China: Opportunities and Obstacles
Although China is considered a prime target for foreign investments, the complex rules and regulations put in place by the country's government can make M&A in China a difficult proposition for foreign investors....

Mercer Study Shows Workforce Priorities for 2010
A study by Mercer Consulting shows emphasis on realignment of staff and strategic goals for upcoming year.

Message to Small Business Owners: Don't Neglect Personal Finances
A financial planner offers advice for entrepreneurs who want to safeguard their personal financial future, describing their most common mistakes and what steps to take now to ensure a comfortable retirement....

Mind the GAAP
A basic intro to accounting, based on content from AMA's seminar Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Administrative Professionals.

One in Five Persons Has Trouble Making Ends Meet
Employees are looking for ways to cut expenses due to difficulty in making it hard to go from paycheck to paycheck.

Partying During the Downturn
To party or not to party? For many corporate leaders, that is indeed the question as 2008 limps to a close. In the wake of layoffs and a general climate of belt-tightening, one thing is sure: nobody's partying like it's 1999....

Put Your Money Where Your People Are
Learn the significance of values.

Reevaluating Corporate Pension Plans - Members Only
Don't expect retiring baby boomers to take the gold watch and retire quietly to a rocking chair when they turn 65. But can employer programs support the boomers' long-term financial security?...

Seven Key Steps to Move Your Company from Surviving to Thriving
Learn seven steps to save your organization from bankruptcy.

Six business Tis
Here's advice for smaller businesses about surviving the recession.

Small Business Loan Scams
Small business owners, beware. Small business loans scams are on the rise. Here are some of the more prevalent scams and tips for avoiding them....

Small Business Tips: How to Establish Credit
Boost your business's bottom line with these credit strategies from the National Association of Credit Management (NACM)....

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Managing Your Business Operations Risks
Think your business is prepared to continue operations in the face of crisis? Think again. Here, from a risk management expert, are 10 things management may have overlooked. For starters, don't assume that your IT department has the situation under...

The Financially Intelligent Organization: Knowing the Numbers Is a Part of Everyone’s Job
The authors of Financial Intelligence: A Manager's Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean present a compelling argument as to why every manager-even the most math-phobic-must acquire a basic understanding of "the numbers."...

When the Bad Drives Out the Good
Learn how the wrong reputation can interfere with corporate success, no matter how hard a company works.

Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Traditional Budgeting
A traditional budget could be the way of the past. See how switching to a more flexible rolling budget can benefit your business.

Why It's Time to Rethink ROI - Members Only
It's time to take a "new school" look at that favorite "old school" performance metric--ROI

Your Digital Afterlife: Estate Planning in the Internet Age
A financial planning expert discusses estate planning from a digital point of view.

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