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It is required by law that the qualifications of each new career appointee to the Senior Executive Service (SES) be certified by an independent Qualifications Review Board based on criteria established by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) describe the leadership skills needed to succeed in the SES. This includes a set of 28 competencies, grouped into five clusters based on similarities of importance and content. AMA offers specific recommendations for training that can help candidates acquire the skills needed to satisfy the ECQ competency requirements.

Leading Change

Creativity and Innovation External Awareness Flexibility
Resilience Strategic Thinking Vision

Leading People

Conflict Management Leveraging Diversity Developing Others Team Building

Results Driven

Accountability Customer Service Decisiveness Entrepreneurship Problem Solving Technical Credibility

Business Acumen

Financial Management Human Capital Management Technology Management

Building Coalitions

Partnering Political Savvy Influencing/Negotiating

Fundamental Competencies

Interpersonal Skills Oral Communications Integrity/Honesty Written Communication Continual Learning Public Service Motivation