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On Site Training

Bring AMA’s world-class training seminars to your company with On-Site Workshops.

You can train groups of employees together at the location of your choice and customize the content to meet your objectives.

For over 80 years, AMA On-Site has delivered all of AMA’s industry-leading seminars—tailored to your targeted needs—at your location. But now...with tighter travel budgets and bigger workloads, On-Site delivers even more value.

  • Convenient—schedule seminars when and where you want in a way that works for you
  • Cost-effective—trains groups of employees and significantly reduces T&E. The tuition associated with our on-site courses is often significantly less per person than open enrollment courses. We come to you, therefore, you can reduce or eliminate your travel and per diem costs as well as time away from the office — giving you greater value for your training investment.
  • Flexible—delivered in 1-, 2- and 3-day formats
  • Consistent—every employee has the same learning experience
  • Practical—employees learn actionable skills from AMA’s world-class faculty

Have your own on-site trainers, but need content?

AMA can license its On-Site Workshop content to your organization. Learn more about AMA Licensing.

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