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Licensing Products

Our Content. Your Trainers. With AMA Licensing, your own in-house trainers can now deliver world-class content.


You choose the training workshop you wish to deliver, from AMA’s wide array of management development content. After participating in a pilot workshop and completing a rigorous train-the-trainer session, your in-house training staff will be equipped to deliver the same AMA content that draws thousands of managers across the country to our learning events every year.


What You Get

AMA supplies you with everything you need for successful training: guides for your trainer, participating employees, and their managers, as well as slide presentations and materials to help trainees apply their learnings to the workplace.


What’s New

AMA’s new workshops are available for licensing, including Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization. This practical workshop offers adaptive communication strategies to employees, managers and executives who want to encourage dialogue throughout the organization and among different departments and levels.