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The third stage of the AMA Development Methodology represents the moment of truth in several ways. First, you will be able to assess the effects of the development solution and its impact on individuals and within the organization. Second, AMA will work with you to evaluate performance results against benchmarks and success criteria identified during the Discovery phase. Together AMA will work with you to envision and map-out the next leg of your workforce’s development path.

Evaluate Stage Step 1: Results Evaluation

Once execution of a development solution is complete, AMA will work with you to review the results and impact against the established success criteria. During this step you will understand what is working in the solution and what is not. AMA will help you produce quantifiable and measurable results to reinforce the value of the program. Tools such as Pre and Post assessments, as well as Tune-up programs, are some of the ways AMA is able to ensure that skills are reinforced long term, and learning is sustained.

Evaluate Stage Step 2: Future Planning

At AMA, we do not regard this step as the conclusion of a development program, but rather the next step in your long-term workforce development strategy AMA will partner with you to ensure successful application of learnings. AMA is also available to provide recommendations, insight and guidance as to future areas of growth and suggested focus to ensure continued workforce development.