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The first stage of the AMA Development Methodology becomes a reality in stage two: Engage. During this stage we empower our business practitioner faculty with a portfolio that is unparallel in the industry in terms of breadth and depth and quality of content. Unlike some other programs, our portfolio is available for immediate access. This means we are ready when you are. AMA’s approach to Experiential Learning ensures access and engagement with content across all levels of interest, and through the broadest range of media options.

Engage Stage Step 1: Solution Design

To ensure the integrity of each learning solution proposed, AMA collaborates with an external Subject Matter Expert, faculty thought-leaders and your team during development. Through this approach, AMA can ensure expert guidance, fresh perspective and rich, relevant content in all of our tailored solutions.

Engage Stage Step 2: Solution Execution

To ensure the likelihood of a successful development solution, AMA provides end-to-end guidance through all facets of the delivery and implementation. Beyond the classroom, AMA offers a range of support options before and after the actual learning solution delivery. Solutions may include blended learning which offers real-time support for individuals and teams before and/or after classroom learning.  Individual and group workshops are customized according to attendee skill set and your organization’s needs.

AMA learning solutions include:

•Seminars                             •Customized programs

•On-site workshops            •Webcasts

•Podcasts                              •Books