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Industry: Clinical Research
# of Employees: 16,500
Headquarters: Boston, MA
If I hired enough full-time staff to run the [training] programs, I would be saddled with millions of dollars in fixed costs a year. By outsourcing...I’m paying only for the service.

—Dr. Albert Siu, Learning & Development

  • Business Challenge

    Dr. Albert Siu is responsible for Learning & Development at PAREXEL International, a powerhouse in clinical research and contract biopharmaceutical services. Leadership training programs at PAREXEL have assumed vital importance. Dr. Siu needed to ensure quality and consistency of training solutions for employees in every location, and wanted a company with an extensive global network already in place so trainers could be deployed quickly to multiple locations.

  • AMA Solution.

    Dr. Siu deemed AMA's content resources "world-class," and knew he could expect a high level of customization to suit his program's needs. Over a three-year period, over 60 AMA instructors trained more than 3,500 PAREXEL managers and associates, delivering over 500 programs in 46 different countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. To provide the rich, specific mix PAREXEL required, AMA crafted 26 one- and multi-day programs.

  • Results.

    By all measures, the programs have been a success. Content and trainer facilitation scores by program, region, and trainer have all averaged an impressive 4.5/5. Both AMA's and PAREXEL'S reputations in the field of Learning & Development have also enjoyed high ratings. PAREXEL was recognized as one of 2015' s Top 125 Companies by Training magazine for delivering “the right training, to the right people, at the right time."

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