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Assessment Tools

Do you have the right people in place?

Our Professional Services portfolio of assessments and survey instruments is designed to help you assess your talent management needs. Developed with the highest standards of reliability and validity these tools can help you:

  • Guide your succession planning decisions
  • Focus your training investments on areas with the highest returns
  • Leverage your talent pool to your best competitive advantage
  • Develop leaders at every level of the organization
  • Build leadership bench strength where it counts the most

And, since all our tools are available online, they’re easy to administer and deliver fast results.




AMA 360° Feedback


All employees

Executives, managers



Top/middle management


Accurately assesses the work-related behavior styles of employees

Management development
Organizational development
Analyzes participants’ strengths and weaknesses, and how others perceive them


Gives immediate feedback about the personal styles of each employee

Improves the impact, value and ROI of every training activity Helps to justify training expenditures


Broadens awareness of participants’ own behavior

Gives feedback on hard-to-measure skills

Follow-up survey measures behavioral improvement


Meets APA and AERA standards for reliability and validity

Minimizes contamination in responses

Feedback on productive and counterproductive styles

Includes guide for improvement planning

Only 360° tool to be validated on 150 million responses


Concurrent validity, i.e., it correlates with career success

Web-based tool meets highest security and ease-of-use standards


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More Details