Why Do Meetings Start Late, Drag on Forever, and Fail to Accomplish Anything?

    Jan 24, 2019

    Here are some ground rules to ensure meetings run smoothly.

    • All meetings will begin and end on schedule.
    • The position of chair will be rotated.
    • Discussion time will be limited to that set on the agenda.
    • Meetings will be held every second Tuesday, from 9:15 to 11:00 a.m., in the conference room.
    • Three days prior to the meeting, members will receive a copy of the agenda and any handouts to read and come prepared for the discussion.
    • The focus will be on issues, not personalities.
    • Only one member will talk at a time.
    • Decisions will be made by consensus.
    • The group will evaluate each meeting to determine progress toward its objective and the quality of the meeting itself.