Sustainability: Evaluating Your Organization

Jan 24, 2019

In the book The Leader’s Tool Kit, author Cy Charney, president of Charney and Associates, Inc., offers a checklist you can use to improve your organization’s corporate sustainability. Clip this out and take it to the next senior management meeting as a guideline for what needs to be done.

Does your organization:
   —Have a documented policy that encourages the hiring of diverse people?
   —Have a system to ensure that people of all backgrounds have the opportunity for promotions?
Ensure that disadvantaged people are given the training opportunities necessary to allow them to compete for new opportunities on an open playing field?

Employee Programs
Does your organization:
—Encourage work/family balance?
—Have share-ownership programs that are extended beyond executives
—Have a commitment to employee development?
—Provide adequate funding for employee education outside of the workplace?
—Have programs that provide maternity benefits?
—Provide time away from work to take care of immediate family crises?

The Community and Larger Society
Does your organization:
—Encourage employees to be actively involved in community projects?
—Donate a fixed percentage of its income to charitable causes?
—Engage the public in decisions that might affect the community?
—Modify decisions based on the outcome of the consultation?
—Have a policy against bribery and illegal influence of buyers and politicians?
—Avoid making statements or claims that are inaccurate or misleading in any way?
—Immediately withdraw products that may have an adverse impact on the health and welfare of their users?
—Engage and work collaboratively with native communities when the organization’s actions may be seen to have an impact on their living conditions?

Does your organization:
—Continuously collect data on levels of customer satisfaction?
—Put focused effort into correcting issues relating to customer service complaints?
—Reward employees according to customer satisfaction, whether customers are internal or external?
—Discipline employees who may have damaged relationships with customers?
—Make efforts to establish long-term relationships with customers?