Maintaining Team Momentum

Jan 24, 2019

Most members of a team are enthusiastic when first asked to join a team effort. They see it as an opportunity to share their ideas, network within the organization, and increase their visibility, and, consequently, their promotability. However, over time, it is easy for team members to lose interest, as team participation takes up time that they could be spending on their day-to-day jobs.

What can you do under these circumstances?

To keep interest in the project high, demonstrate to the group that the team has the attention of senior management and that the objective of the team is important to the company. Invite the sponsor and other top executives to attend team sessions where individual members’ contributions can be highlighted. A story on your company’s intranet can also help. You might also want to place in a visible area of the workplace a chart that shows team progress. Not only does this let members know that the goal of the project is getting closer, but it communicates to the rest of the organization what the team is doing to achieve the goal, giving the visibility members wanted when they joined the group.