How Do You Rate on Time Management?

    Nov 28, 2018

    Answer these questions with a yes or a no:
    • I limit the duration of my telephone calls.
    • I close my office door when I want some quiet time to devote to planning or other important tasks.
    • I cross my name off the circulation list for magazines, newsletters, and reports I don’t need to see.
    • The meetings I run finish on time.
    • I delegate tasks to employees rather than do the work myself.
    • I encourage staff to write reports of no more than one page.
    • I make a list of things I will do each day.
    • I follow up on work I have delegated.
    • I clear my desk of all paperwork..
    • I discourage unnecessary interruptions.

    If you are good at time management, you would have said yes to each of these statements. If not, the statements suggest areas for improvement.