Executing Corporate Strategy: A Global Study

Jan 24, 2019

I would rather execute an average strategy well than execute a good strategy poorly.
Mark Blankenship
EVP & Chief People, Culture, and Corporate Strategy Officer, Jack in the Box Inc.

It’s impossible to objectively rate the strength of an organization's strategy. Often, the relative strength of a strategy is determined by the final result—a subsequent one-dimensional pass/fail system. If the organization is financially strong, the strategy is deemed sound; if the organization flounders, the strategy is judged to be poor.

Although commonly practiced, this simplistic methodology discounts the influence of external factors and overlooks strategy execution, a key element of an organization's ultimate ability to make its vision a reality.

Execution is of course inextricably linked to strategy, but unlike overall strategy alone, execution can be objectively measured and improved. This study illustrates how highly successful organizations execute on their strategies, with examples of current practices as well as insights from senior leaders at Corning, Choice Hotels, Black Hills Corporation, and Jack in the Box.