Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices

Published: Apr 23, 2019
Modified: Mar 26, 2020

By Holly B. Tompson, Ph.D. , Mark Vickers, Institute for Corporate Productivity, Judy London, Carol L. Morrison

Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices

Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices. Executive coaching is often viewed with a combination of hope and skepticism. On the one hand, assigning employees a coach seems like an excellent way to provide custom-delivered development opportunities. On the other hand, coaching is often viewed as a “cottage industry” where credentials are questionable, services may be expensive, and success is hard to measure. This global study examines the most effective coaching practices that companies are using.

About the Author(s)

Holly B. Tompson, Ph.D.
Holly B. Tompson, Ph.D., is a senior research analyst at the Institute for Corporate Productivity. Tompson has taught in the management departments of several univer - sities, including the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, and, most recently, the University of Tampa. Her research has focused on work-life balance and leadership development, with an emphasis on training high-potential employees to sustain maximum success without burnout. Dr. Tompson is also active in the University of Tampa’s Executive Education program, where she is currently a leadership and development coach. Contact information: (813) 601-5638 or [email protected]. Donna J. Bear is the Leadership Knowledge Center manager for the Institute for Corporate Productivity. She has a B.S. degree in business administration and an M.S. degree in management and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Her previous experience as an HR generalist/consultant spans the PEO, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors. Contact information: (727) 345-2226 or [email protected]. Donna J. Dennis, Ph.D., is a leadership development professional with over 30 years of experience helping leaders and teams increase leadership and team effectiveness through coaching, strategic planning, and team building. Dr. Dennis is known for innovative, business-focused solutions to organization and leadership issues. She holds a master’s degree in education, a Ph.D. in human development, and certification in personality assessment and executive coaching. Contact information: (609) 497-1997 or [email protected].

Mark Vickers, Institute for Corporate Productivity
Mark Vickers is the vice president of research at the Institute for Corporate Productivity and served as editor for this report. He has authored many studies and white papers for the institute, served as managing editor of the Human Resource Institute, and is currently the editor of TrendWatcher. He has authored and coauthored various periodical articles and has served as an editor and project manager for numerous primary research projects. Contact information: (727) 345-2226 or [email protected]

Judy London
Judy London is a research analyst manager for the Institute for Corporate Productivity. She is also author of the institute’s Coaching Highlight Report. In addition, she covers a variety of other issues related to workforce planning and generational differences in the workforce. Contact information: (727) 345-2226 or [email protected].

Carol L. Morrison
Carol L. Morrison is a senior research analysis for the Institute for Corporate Productivity. She has a B.S. degree in sociology/social work and a B.S. degree in business administration/marketing. Her career experience spans public, private, and nonprofit sectors. She has established and directed a municipal government information department and headed employee communications for national and multinational corporations. She is the author of research reports on subjects ranging from productivity to employee engagement. Contact information: (727) 345-2226 or [email protected].