Building Individual and Team Pride

Jan 24, 2019

Savvy managers are always on the lookout for quality work by staff members and praise them generously. But the best managers not only praise individual workers but the department as a whole. They set quality goals that are challenging but within the work group’s reach. The ideal time to express appreciation is during a staff meeting. Detail how the improvement has helped all of the employees to do their jobs more easily and more efficiently.

If quality improvements have had a direct improvement on production or sales, consider having a chart that displays the slow but steady steps the group is making toward achieving significant improvements. If the improvements help another department, invite the head of the department to attend a staff meeting and personally compliment your group on its efforts.

Have your team offer their ideas to make improvements in their work. Ask questions like the following:

How satisfied are we with the quality of work we produce for our customers? What can we do to improve the standard?

Have we learned from any changes in methods for doing work in the last year or so? What can we do to build on those improvements?

Are there ways we can do the work that would decrease the current rate of errors or better meet others’ deadlines or improve the quality of work we do to both our satisfaction and our customers’ satisfaction?