AMA Research: What Does Engagement Have to Do with Getting the Job Done?

    Jan 24, 2019

    Employee engagement is viewed as a key driver of employee productivity, according to a new AMA study of over 1,700 participants. But how do organizations bolster engagement? The study found that the key elements are career development opportunities, coaching/mentoring, specialized training and open communication.

    Key findings from the survey, based on responses from a cross-section of managers, supervisors and other employees, are:
    • Engagement remains a relevant term, according to the vast majority of respondents.
    • The perceived ability to drive engagement initiatives has improved or stayed the same among most surveyed companies, but it has declined in about 15% of companies.
    • Many senior management teams do little to promote engagement (42%) or do not focus on it at all (14%).

    This study indicates that more highly engaged organizations tend to be committed to promoting employee engagement.  They use a variety of tools to drive engagement; most widely used are those related to expanding learning and chances to grow within the organization. These organizations provide career development opportunities, coaching and mentoring, special workshops and training, and even special training to middle managers–promoting open communication.