AMA Research: Business Skills That Set High-Performing Organizations Apart

    Jan 24, 2019

    How does your talent compare to the competition? American Management Association has conducted research with more than 7,500 participants worldwide to discover what are the core skills that set high-performing organizations apart.

    Download this whitepaper to discover: 

    1. The top 10 skills that differentiate high-performing organizations from the rest.
    2. What skill is more important than strategic planning—even at the c-suite level.
    3. Which leadership skill is evident at all levels of high-performing organizations.

    AMA’s 2015 research reveals the skill sets that employees at high-performing organizations disproportionately possess over those at low-performing organizations. This study examines both the delta between the skill sets of employees at high- vs low-performing organizations, and the skills at which high-performing organizations excel. These two sets of data paint a broader picture of those core skills an organization needs to perform well. The report is broken down by job levels, including individual contributors, first-level managers, managers of managers, and C-level executives. The findings are based on current data through July 2015 and 7,647 responses to AMA’s Talent Transformation Tool™ (AT3).