AMA Product Showcase: Susan Mason Shares Key Takeaways

Aug 11, 2020



On July 8, executive coach, trainer and instructional designer Susan Mason teamed with moderator and learning solutions manager Tammy Swed for AMA’s newest Product Showcase. This free seminar preview offered highlights and key takeaways from AMA’s Virtual Training Certificate: Success Strategies for Facilitating Online Training, a four-lesson, instructor-led, full-length live online course.

After Ms. Swed introduced her to the preview audience, Ms. Mason, who is also one of the faculty experts teaching the course, explained the many unique aspects of the full program for prospective attendees.

“This is a very exciting time to talk about AMA’s Virtual Training Certificate program, because it’s so timely.” Mason began. “At the end of the four 3-hour lessons of the course, you are going to feel assured that you have what you need to get the results you want. As with all AMA courses, we give you experiential learning. We’re not just giving you content, but creating an environment of imagination for you. It’s a roadmap of how you can design, develop, deliver and then evaluate online programs. You’ll see the techniques and you’ll see the approaches.”

Describing the full AMA course as “great training techniques taken into the virtual realm,” she explained the key takeaways for those who attend the AMA Virtual Training Certificate Program:

Feedback from applying online facilitation skills in practice sessions—“All the way through the program, you will be practicing online facilitation skills in both small and large groups,” said Mason. “You will get continuous feedback on your own development from start to finish in this course.”

Best practices for creating and delivering highly effective, live online learning experiences—Mason explained that the program will show you proven-effective techniques for creating the most impactful program possible, from the best ways to manage the opportunities and challenges of online learning technology to ensuring smooth, trouble-free sessions that deliver optimal learning experiences.

Strategies for planning and coordinating the crucial “before, during and after” action steps—As Mason observed, “Effective training is a lot about knowing where you need to end up, and then really using a ‘backward’ design.’ If this is what my people need to be able to do after the training, what will it take to get them there?” This analysis then leads directly to the design, development, and eventually, delivery of the online training.

Techniques for creating and maintaining learner engagement and retention—“These are not just substitutes for what we would do in face-to-face training,” Mason said, “but unique tools that fit in a virtual environment and that can also go much further in terms of reinforcement and retention. There are a lot of strengths in our virtual environments that we don’t have in the in-person, instructor-led classroom training experience.”

Methods for using proven voice, energy and questioning techniques as powerful training resources—“Every training experience is going to be driven by that human factor,” Mason added, noting that “increasingly, the human factor is being experienced in a virtual environment.” This crucial people element is also explored in the course. In addition to voice and energy, it’s the ability to use in-the-moment questioning techniques. Attendees of the course will spend a lot of time honing their own voice and capabilities.

Mason then highlighted the overall design of the course and its modules, reiterating the value of developing online facilitation skills with this unique and powerful certificate program.

“AMA has curated a body of knowledge around virtual planning, virtual delivery, and virtual learning,” Mason said. “Not only are they incorporating those best practices for the programs they offer, but they’ve packaged that for you in this course.”

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