A Reminder About Empowerment

Jan 24, 2019

Cy Charney, author of AMACOM's The Manager's Tool Kit,  offers this reminder about empowerment. You will get the most out of people if you treat them as partners and give them increasing power as their abilities improve.

More specifically, Charney advises:
  • Accept the fact that you are fallible. Learn from thers, particularly from someone who does the job regularly.
  • Allow people to discover their own ways to achieve goals.
  • Encourage people to take responsibility for their decisions by giving them an opportunity to self-correct and learn from their mistakes.
  • Establish clear boundaries. Be prepared to enlarge these boundaries as confidence and competence grow.
  • Review your management systems regularly t ensure that they support rather than obstruct performance.
  • Train your people continuously. This will increase their skills and confidence.