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Building Artificial Intelligence Excellence: A 10-Step Plan for Managers and Executives

There’s little doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game changer. Over the coming decade, and perhaps far more quickly, AI holds the potential to disrupt virtually every aspect of how we do business.

Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence: A Primer for Business Organizations

Business organizations across the globe are racing to embrace AI and capitalize on the competitive advantages it can deliver. Yet a recent American Management Association survey found that only a small fraction of respondents, about 17%, said their organization has an AI strategy. Many in the remain

How Can AI Help My Business?

AI has taken the business world by storm. Seemingly overnight, a multitude of apps and platforms have begun boasting of their AI-drive capabilities. Even dishwashers are using AI. The change has occurred so abruptly that many businesses have found themselves behind, lacking an AI strategy, and vulne

Risky Business: Managing the New and Numerous Perils of AI

Just when you thought that business couldn’t change any faster, ChatGPT burst onto the scene. Now it seems generative AI is everywhere. AI is creating images, composing music, writing books, and transforming medicine. And it’s reinventing how companies do business and how employees do their jobs.

Common Levels of Management in Organizations

It is commonly accepted that there are three management levels, generically described as top, middle, and lower management. While there are no universally accepted designations for these three levels, they are often described as senior management, middle management and frontline management.

Types of Management Styles: Which Style Are You?

There are many different management styles, applicable to different scenarios, personnel, and extenuating circumstances. Understanding each of the types of management styles is key to effectively applying them in the right instances in order to get the desired results.

Factors of Motivation: Unlocking Employee Potential

Leadership and management styles can affect employee motivation. Read about the different motivation factors and how they can change your company culture and morale.

Teamwork Phrases for Performance Appraisal

Explore AMA's guide on performance appraisal phrases for teamwork. Learn how to redefine expectations and elevate your organization's performance standards.

Innovation & Creativity Comments for Performance Appraisals | AMA

Explore our comprehensive guide on fostering and appraising creativity and innovation in the workplace, with practical strategies and examples.

Decision Makers Beware: 9 Persuasion Tactics That Elicit Strong Emotions

Persuasion is one of the most valuable skills in business and plays a critical role in getting co-workers to support your ideas, aligning team members with project goals and the company’s values, and keeping suppliers and vendors providing great services at fair prices.