10 Tips for Creating a Positive Learning Experience for WFH Trainees

Dec 17, 2020



To nurture emerging leaders and increase engagement, keep these pointers in mind when administering virtual training:

  1. Make sure to personalize the training content to each individual—no one size fits all.
  2. Offer clear expectations upfront on performance and what great leadership looks like.
  3. Ensure that training content is clear and to the point. People typically skim the page, so having the most important information available upfront (with supplemental resources offered) is key to digestion and retention.
  4. Explain key concepts thoroughly and have tasks associated with concepts.
  5. Include relevant visuals and words in the instruction, and make sure that complex visuals are explained with audio or text.
  6. Use multimedia effectively; be sure to include videos, blogs, podcasts, photos, and pop culture examples to improve relevance to your employees.
  7. Incorporate exercises and activities that are closely related to content and distributed throughout the lessons.
  8. Ensure that managers are accessible and supportive throughout the process, offering encouragement and developmental feedback.
  9. Establish a centralized point of contact for content and technology issues that may arise, so that participants know who to reach with questions or concerns.
  10. Work with a proven talent development partner who can provide the training platform, educational resources, and coaching expertise to advance leadership success.

About the Author: Paul Eccher, PhD, president and CEO of Vaya Group, has more than 25 years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 clients to leverage talent and improve business results. He is an expert in the areas of executive assessment, coaching for performance, and talent management.